Jun 19, 2008


Thoughts for Thursday

I recently joined Weight Watchers. I haven’t mentioned this on my blog yet because I didn’t want to make this all about my weight loss journey but since it is part of my life now I thought what a better place to share it then on my blog about my life.
In the past 4 years have been slowly gaining weight. I knew that I had to change something when I found myself avoiding having my picture taken because of how I looked. I used to be the picture queen. I would take my camera everywhere and now I avoid it at as much as I can.
I tried weight watchers 6 years ago when I had about 10 pounds to lose and it was successful. Now I have 30 to lose and the journey will be a harder but I am very excited and have approached this with nothing but a positive attitude.
One thing that I love more than anything is to cook and its crazy the fun and creative food you can make when you are watching your weight.
So if anyone would like to share weight loss secrets, stories, recipes, journeys, etc… be my guest. I could use all the thoughts I can get.
Also I have an amazing recipe for a healthy Cheesy potato/chicken Taco bake if anyone wants it. I just threw it together the other night. It was so YUMMY!!!


Jessica said...

Good luck on your WW journey! Thanks for linking me on your blog. :)

jessica said...

hi! thanks for your comment on my blog. i've never had weight issues so i won't be of any help... but best to you!!!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Kim, Michelle started a Cyber Fat Camp a few months back for bloggers or anyone else who wanted to join...its a place to give support, share recipes, etc. A bunch of the girls are doing WW. Either I or Michelle will send you an invitation....
PS you're beautiful and I love you :)

jenny said...

hey! um, yeah, i've been dealing with weight issues for a while. i did weight watchers before i had my son and lost 15 pounds, i lost everything and was back down to that weight after i had him, but it has all crept back on. i'm currently trying to get back on the wagon, but it's hard with no leader/meetings close to me. i'm part of the cyber fat camp so hopefully we can be motivation to each other! good luck!!! you're not alone!

Dana said...

I have struggled with my weight all my life. I guess I am too cheap to pay for WW so I just follow the points system. I also bought the dining companion book and the other foods book. I started seriously following the points system on my own starting in March. As of today, I am down about 27 pounds. I have lots more to lose. I would like to lose another 20-30. Just remember, there is no time frame. Don't think about what you'll look like for this summer but for next summer. I have an awesome website for you. www.hungrygirl.com. You can sign up for daily emails and they are great. She has different recipes all the time and it shows the WW points. She also has a cookbook that just came out. I have it and it's full of great ideas but the WW points aren't in it but they are on her website for every recipe. And I would love your recipe if you want to give it to me. BTW, I think you look great the way you are.