Dec 3, 2009


My family and I attend Eagle Brook church. I’m sure some of you that live in the area have heard about it or attend as well.   Each month the church starts a new series of teachings and because the new series really hit home for me I wanted to share with everyone. The series is called OVERCOME and each week there is a new message. This week the message was overcoming your feelings of inadequacy.  
I feel inadequate at times when I’m blogging.  If I don’t receive comments it makes me wonder why I write when no one is reading. But then I remember that I’m not just writing for people to read my blog but also for my son to have record of his life growing up.  I also have the tendency to compare myself to other women. 
So the questions for you today on TFT are
1. Do you ever feel inadequate?

2. When you were a kid, who did you look up to? What qualities did you see in them that you
admired? Did you feel inadequate to them? How?

2. The root of inadequacy is comparison. Why do you think it’s not good to compare yourself
to others?

We don’t have to accept the status quo or keep playing the same old destructive tapes
in our minds that create barriers and stop us from becoming, hoping, dreaming and
trying. What are the things that are keeping you from experiencing the rich, full
and satisfying life?


Michelle Leigh said...

I feel inadequate a lot! I try to not let it get to me though. I think I've overcome that feeling for the most part, but there are moments here and there that pop up. Like, am I not doing enough at preschool, or I'm not as good of a photographer as someone else, or I yell too much and am a terrible mom, or I am a bitch at home sometimes which makes me a crappy wife. It happens a lot, but you have to say, this too shall pass and hopefully you can move on from those feelings.

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