Sep 15, 2017

What's Up Weekend? September 15th, 2017

I haven't linked up with LindsayBeth and Charlotte for a What's Up Weekend post in a long time. These posts are important to me because it helps me STOP for a minute and reflect on what makes me happy. Our summer has been fun and busy. The days, weeks and months are flying by. One week from fall and I welcome it with open arms. I love the cool air and the colors of the leaves changing. Today in Minnesota it is going to be 90. So it doesn't feel like fall is around the corner.

Here is a list the 10 things that made me happy this week.

1) Jake coming home everyday from school so excited to tell me all about his day.
2) Playing go fish with Jason and Jake after dinner.
3) New mascara.
4) Lecy from A Simple Grace shared a link about Jake Olson who is a blind USC Football snapper. As a Mom of a visually impaired child, this really touched me. Check it out here. 
5) This week flew by... That makes me happy.
6) Setting up Jake first play date for this weekend with his favorite new friend. He is so excited!!
7) I ordered some back splash samples. We are finally making steps to finish our kitchen. I swear the projects are never ending.
8) Finding a new short cut to Jake's daycare that cuts about 5 minutes from my drive time.
9) I'm an HR nerd and I just joined a local chapter. I attending my first meeting this week and I am excited for this networking opportunity.

What made you happy this week?

Sep 14, 2017

1st Day of 3rd Grade

Last week Jake started 3rd grade.  He's come home every day and told me how much he loves it at his new school. I can't even tell you how much that makes me happy and how much of a relief that is. I was so worried that it was going to be so hard for him to move to a school where he doesn't know anyone. To me, he seems happier than he has ever been. His new school just has a different vibe than his last school. Not that he didn't love his old school, I just feel this school is a much better fit for Jake and his needs. Here's to a happy and successful school year! STOP GROWING UP!!

His fake smile

His new classroom

Sep 12, 2017

Annual Eye Exam


Since you were 5 months old you have had people messing with your eyes. Not only have you had to go under anesthesia every 3 months for your eye exams but you have endured all the eye drops that, despite what we say, do sting. We were so happy after 6+ years that your surgeon felt comfortable with the stability of your disease to move you to in office visits.
I will never forget the day that first eye doctor told me you were blind.  I was terrified of what your future would look like. I am beyond proud of you, buddy.
I am happy to report we have another year with a stable eye report. I pray for year after year of inactive FEVR. I love you!!

For more information of FEVR click here.

Sep 5, 2017

South Dakota Trip

It's been a busy summer for us. Most of our weekends have been filled with family visits. If we aren't traveling to North Dakota or South Dakota to visit Jason's family they are at our house. That is a big reason I haven't been as active on my blog this summer. 
This past weekend we traveled to South Dakota to celebrate Jason's Mom's birthday and Labor Day. Jason's sister and her kids were also there, so the weekend was filled with family, food, and lots of laughs. Of course if you know me you know that I always have my camera in hand to document every thing. 

Jake LOVES Jason's niece Kylie. Where ever she is he isn't far behind. Sometimes I have to remind him to give her her space. 

This weekend we discovered Jake's love for the sand box. It's not that he's never played in one but he's never shown a big interest in them until recently. He played in it for hours.  Jason was already googling how to build a sandbox as we drove home. :)

Sweet Dawson
 Jake and Wyatt playing. The reason Wyatt's always blurry is because he doesn't sit still long enough to get a good picture.

 Grandma and Kylie looking at Grandma's birthday gift from us. 

We took a field trip to The Children's Museum of South Dakota on Sunday. It was a beautiful day for it and only a 45 minute drive. 

The museum is set up in stations. This was the mechanic shop. They had pretend work orders the kids could follow. It was so cute to watch the kids fixing the cars.

Jake thought this station was so cool.
He's a big kid

I think out of every stations the restaurant was his favorite.  
What can I get for you, kind Sir?

Playing Grocery Store.

Water Station

Jason's sweet niece Sydney
 Sydney and Kylie. Beauties!

We heading back to town after a long day and had an early supper. Then the kids all got ice cream. 

Relaxing after a fun day!

We had such a great weekend. It is so important to me that Jake has a great childhood filled with fun, family and great memories. This weekend was definitely all of those things. 

Aug 24, 2017

Currently-August 2017

Current mood: Other than being tired a lot lately, my mood has been been pretty great. 

Current procrastination: Unpacking. Still. I know. Don't judge! 

Current need: A creative outlet. I'm just not sure what that is yet. 
Current craving: Spaghetti. I haven't had pasta in over 6 months. I was never a big pasta person until I cut it out of my life. You never know what you miss until it's gone. ☹

Current obsession: Counting the cars in the parking lot at the restaurant that I am scarred for life by because of my horrible customer service experience. I pray the asshole that owns it goes out of business. I know that sounds bad but he is not a good person. I get to pass this establishment 2 times a day. Lucky me. 

Current drink:  Loving my my morning coffee with heavy whipping cream and 1 truvia. It took me 10 years of drinking coffee and several different variations to find my perfect cup of coffee. 

Current food: I love my salads. That never changes. 

Current book: Just started The Barefoot Summer by Carolyn Brown. It was in my free book a month list on Amazon Prime. 

Currently looking forward to: The Minnesota State Fair. It is one of my favorite things to do. If for some reason I don't make it this year. I will be so sad. 
Currently watching: Real Housewives obsessed, Big Brother, wheel of fortune and cooking shows. 
Currently Listening to: MyTalk 107.1. Lately I've been into talk radio vs. music stations. If you like talk radio and want to laugh listen in online.
Currently Loving:  That tomorrow is Friday!! 

Aug 23, 2017

Me in 10 Memes!

I have tendency to say "I'm fine" when I'm not. 

I feel 28-30. Not 40! I am done adulting! 

To me it is easier to be nice than it is to be rude. I don't get it. 

Even after you place a note on the ice bucket at work that says, "if you use the ice please refill the trays". Jerks!

I can wait this out forever! Try me!

 This is something I just can't help! I can't sleep!

I see this so much of Facebook. Annoys the shit out of me!

I noticed I felt some road rage after experiencing this on our way to Fargo last weekend. Rude!

Am I the only one that can't stand it when someone is whistling?!

While making coffee in my work break room every Monday morning I ask myself, "self, weren't you just here a minute ago?"

What are your 10 Memes???