Feb 23, 2012

Jake's 3rd Birthday

Jake turned 3 on February 17th and we decided to bring him to the Eagles Nest indoor playground and then out for pizza at Adagios Pizza Factory. I can't believe that Jake is 3 already. Here are some pictures from the day.

Jake and Taylor playing on the slide

My Nephew Tony

Taylor was the best baby sitter. She hung out with Jake and kept an eye on him the entire time. 

My Niece Leah playing in the toddler section. She is so cute!!

Jake coming down the slide

Jake loved his cake

Family picture

Blowing out his candles

Time for presents

Hi Mom!

Jake's Cake

Happy Birthday to me!!


I can't believe you are 3 years old already. You are growing up so fast but you will always be my baby. You are a very sweet kid. You love giving hugs and kisses and you know when to use your please and thanks yous. You love to play with your cars, balls and you LOVE to color. You make us laugh everyday. You love to dance and to play with your dog Gizzy. You are so smart and can count to 10. WOW!! You are also learning your colors. We are so happy that you are a seeing colors so well and we think you have them down. You are an amazing kid. You love your big boy glasses and we think they have opened a whole new world for you. I love you and can't wait for every moment I get to spend with you. Having you was the best thing I have ever done in my life. You have changed me for the better. I thank God that he gave me you.

I love you my little Man.

Happy Birthday!!


Feb 10, 2012

New Glasses

Jake broke his glasses a few months ago and I had to suck it up and get him a new pair. Although I wasn't happy about having to spend so much money I knew it was time to get him a big boy pair of glasses. He also had a new prescription. Because Jake doesn't have lens in his eyes he doesn't have the ability to change from seeing far away to up close on his own. So his doctor prescribed bifocals. It's strange that a 3 year old has bifocals but anything to help him see is ok with me.


He is doing so much better with these glasses then his old ones. He no longer pulls them off any chance he gets. Which makes me think that they are really working and the old ones were just not the right fit. I can't wait until he can tell me what he can see. I'm hoping that he doesn't break these ones because Mamma can't afford to fork out the dough for a new pair.

Feb 9, 2012

101 Photos To Take 2012

Everyone that follows me knows that I've been MIA for a long time. I'd be surprised if I still have anyone that follows me. Needless to say 2011 was a very tough year for me. It's slowly starting to get better. I found a great idea on pinterest and thought it would be a great way to get me to use my camera again. I love taking pictures but it's been a while. So in 2012 I am going to take 101 photos from a list on a blog called SNAP.

Join in if you would like. The list is hard to read from my page so go to Snap and download a copy for yourself.

Have fun