Aug 15, 2017

Jenna's Wedding

This past weekend my Sweet Cousin Jenna Mae got married to her best friend Johnny. She made a beautiful bride. One of my favorite thing to do is spend time with my family, and weddings are all about friends, family and love. With how heavy the world is today it's nice to take a break from the negativity and just be surrounded by love and family. 

A few weeks before the wedding Jenna Mae did a photo shoot in her Mothers wedding dress. This is a very special picture because her Mom is no longer with us. 
The happy couple

My Mom, Me, My Sister and Sister in Law

Of course I am always snapping pictures. I'm sure the family was getting sick of me saying "Hey guys, look over here and say cheese".
Silly Selfie with My Niece aka my Mini

My Handsome Man!!

Jason and I had a great time. Living so far away from your friends and your family is tough, so we cherish weekends like this. 

Aug 10, 2017

Weekend with the Fam!

This past weekend the family spent the weekend with us to help celebrate Camdin's 18th birthday. We had a great time and truly appreciate everyone driving so far to help us celebrate. I feel so blessed to become part of Jason's amazing family. It was a fun weekend with lots of laughs and memories made. Of course I took a ton of pictures. I may be annoying with my camera but I feel it's important to capture and document memories. 

We spent Friday night around the bonfire. 

Saturday we hung out all day in the yard playing games and enjoying each others company.

The boys had a great time playing together.

Jason is not a big fan of pictures but I was able to snap a couple of him with me, his Mom and his Sister. 
Lots of good food. 
More Smores

When you all live in different states it's quality vs. quantity.
Thank you for a fun weekend, Family. We love you all!!

Aug 3, 2017

Too Beautiful For Earth

One year ago our baby boy Jamie got his angel wings. Not a day goes by that we do not think of him. 

"Grief is like an ocean; it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim."   Vicki Harrison

Instead of being sad today, I want to reflect on the blessing I was given to be chosen as your Mom. 

Heaven and Earth may separate us but you will always be in our hearts

Jamie Paul

Aug 1, 2017

Annual Family Camping Trip-2017

Every year my family and I get together and go camping. This year my Brother and Sister In Law hosted at their new cabin. It was a fun trip. Lots of laughs, sun and memories. 

Here is a picture of us all at the sand bar. I've been coming to this lake my entire life and this was my first time here. 

My Siblings, my Dad and me at the sand bar
  Dad with the Grandkids

 My Sister in Law really captured a beaut with this one. 

Jakey and Mommy on the boat

Hanging out around the bonfire.
 Game night with these nuts.
 Lots of laughs and stories around the fire.
 It was a beautiful weekend to spend on the lake with the family. The kids had a blast. 
 My first time tubing since I was a kid. And my last time!
The Reason I will never get on a tube again. 

Catching some rays

Kayaking with my Sister in Law. My first time and I loved it. We just went down to my Auntie Vickie's and back, which isn't far. Next time we are going on a longer journey. I was so proud of my SIL because she overcame her fears.
I made them stop playing for a quick shot!!They are growing up way too fast. 
Night Night to these two Best Buds!!

This was the first time Cooper has gone camping and she LOVED IT!!