Jun 30, 2010

More to come

It seems like every time I post I am saying that I haven't posted in a while and will promise to post more soon. It never happens. Life has a way of getting away from me at times. I have a lot to post about and will soon. Here is the list of what I will be posting about.

Jake's new glasses
Jake's first camping trip
The 4th(after this weekend)
Our trip to the genetic doctor

Stay tuned.

Jun 8, 2010

Jake Update!

Jake had his MRI a couple weeks ago and it came back that Jake has a no severe issues with his brain. He does have fluid surrounding his brain and is diagnosed with having Microephaly but as long as we continue to monitor his head size the outlook is good. The fluid should absorb as his head grows. We just have to keep a close eye on the growth. We are still waiting for Jake's genetic testing to come back. I will update the blog once I hear more on that.

Yesterday Jake had his EUA (exam under anesthesia) with his surgeon and his eye doctor. His FEVR is stable for now which is AWESOME!! He is spending a lot of time with his hand over his left eye which means that he is no longer using that eye as much so his doctor wants to start patching the stronger eye for 2 hours a day to force him to use the other eye more. He is also getting new glasses. His prescription has changed. We are going to move from baby glasses to big boy glasses in hopes that he will keep them on more. I am going to work more with him everyday to make sure he keeps his glasses on. His doctor doesn't know how much they help but it's too soon to give up on them.

As far as Jake's development is going he is doing really well. He is cruising along. He starts his new sensory therapy next week and I think that will help him a great deal. His occupational therapy is going great. His therapist is so happy to see his progress. As for his vision therapy I am looking into getting more help with that area.

Here are some pictures of Jake from his exam and over the past couple weeks.
Just waking up from his exam. He was sooooo hungry

Much better

Riding his new toy he got from Auntie Lori, Uncle Jason and Cousin Tony

Swinging at the cabin

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