Oct 23, 2009

Rain rain go away...

Will it stop raining sometime before the snow comes??? Geez.. It's so dark and gloomy out but we're not going to let that bring us down.

I swear there is nothing better than waking up to a happy baby talking through the baby monitor. I think it's one of my favorite sounds. We had a great nights sleep last night which is nice because the night before Jake was not happy. Those darn teeth. UGH.

So I decided to work my ass off on having a blog that is some what interesting to read. Maybe then I will get some followers(hint hint). I love posting about Jake and the new things he is doing but that is not the only reason I have a blog. I need an outlet and I decided this is it. Most people go to work and get to talk with their co-workers about what's going on in the world, celebrity gossip, pet peeves, etc... When you are a stay at home Mom it's hard to not lose your mind. So I decided to be proactive with my sanity and blog. We'll see how long it takes for me to let life get so busy and I forget about my blog once again. To help me out I decided to try and participate in NaBloPoMo(national blog posting month). Would anyone like to join me?

I've actually decided to make it a contest to get some participants. This is actually harder than you think. I am not sure if I can do it. So if you are a reader of mine and you are in my google reader and you post every single day in November at the end of the month I will put your name in a drawing and if I pick you I will send you a prize.. I promise it will be a good one.

So good luck to all my fellow bloggers. I look forward to reading your blogs.


Oct 16, 2009

8 Months

Today you turned the big 8 months.. WOW! Time is just flying by. Everyday you change and everyday you get more and more fun. You are a great little man with a HUGE personality.

You're working so hard on sitting up. Everyday we practice and once a week Karla comes out for your therapy and she is helping you too. Soon you will be sitting up big and strong. You also get to play with Marcia once a week too and she helps you with your eyes. You love your light toys.

You love your bath time. You suck on your wash cloth and kick and splash. Such a big change from when you were really little and hated the bath.

You still don't like to eat much but you are getting so big so we know that we're doing something right. Peas and bananas are your FAVORITE. Oh and guess what? This week you started sleeping through the night.
Yes that's right... Can you believe it? We thought this day would never come. Last night you went down at 7:30 and didn't make a peep until 7:30 am. We are sooooo proud of you.

You love going to the gym with Mama because you get to play with all the kids in the daycare.
Everyone comments on how happy you are when they see you and we feel blessed to have such a special little boy. You've been through so much and still you have such a great personality.

I feel so lucky that I get to stay home with you and see all the milestone first hand. Daddy works 65+ hours a week so that you can have me home with you and we're lucky to have such a hard working Daddy. When Daddy comes home from work at night and you hear his voice you light up. You are really into feeling our faces and you know Daddy from his scratchy face. It makes you laugh because it tickles your hands.

We love you and are so excited for all your firsts and all the years to come.

Happy 8 months Buggy I love you sooooo much.

Oct 14, 2009

Sometimes it's fun to laugh for no reason

He just started to crack up for no reason. Sorry the video is so dark. It was taken on my digital camera.


Jake and I met Jessica a fellow blogger for a photo session. She was kind enough to send me a sneak peek.. I will post more once they are ready. I wanted some with his glasses on but they are s thick the glare wasn't working out too much.. He is sooooo cute!

Oct 11, 2009

2 nights in a row

Some of you know that my son has a little bit of a problem sleeping. Well I am happy to report that Jake slept through the night two nights in a row for the first time. I can't even tell you how happy we are. We are hoping that he keeps it up and that our sleepless nights are a thing of the past.
I had an early education teacher come out to the house the other day and she gave me some good tips and they're working. It seems that Jake wasn't getting enough sleep during the day. He was taking one long nap in the afternoon. Now he is taking a nap in the morning and one is the afternoon and going to bed an hour later. He seems to be a lot happier.

I'm now feeding Jake in his high chair because he is getting really messy. Before I would just use his bouncy seat. I had to stop that when he started spitting his food at me.. He loves peas, squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, pears... Pretty much everything. I can't wait until he gets some teeth and can try some more foods. We think he will cut a tooth very soon. We can feel it when we rub his gums.

One of Jake's favorite things to do is bounce and lately he has been falling asleep while bouncing.

Holding his head up has been something that Jake doesn't like to do. Here we are doing some tummy time to work those neck muscles. Therapy is helping so much.

This is one of Jake's favorite things to do with his NUK and it cracks me up.. He is just soooo goofy.

This is one of Jake's favorite toys.

Oct 8, 2009

He's doing great!

I feel like I have so much to say. I never though in a million years that I would have to worry about anything when it comes to my child. I thought it would be like FIRST words, walking, first everything. When I found out that my child would never see, it hit me like nothing I ever thought would.
I brought my 4 month old son to a routine eye appointment. I held him in my arms in the chair as they examined him. She looked into his eyes and took a moment. She then looked at me and said your son is blind. I sat in that chair and said to her "I'm going to cry" she gave me a tissue and said it's okay. I asked her, will my son ever see and she said 'probably not' I asked her if surgery would help and she said 'not with his condition'
my world collapsed around me. She told me that she needed a second opinion. The next week Jake saw Dr. Quiram. She said that he needed surgery. On July 17 Jake underwent double eye surgery to reattach his retinas.

I haven't been blogging for a long time because of everything going on but I decided that it's time to start again. I want to have a record of this time in Jake's life.

Here is Jake during therapy.

He is finally working on looking up.

We say to him 'look up Jacob' and tap him forehead and he looks up

Everyday he gets stronger and learns something new. He is amazing!!

Oct 1, 2009

TFT- Facebook vs Blogger

Yes that's right I am blogging. I bet you thought you would never see it again. Man I tell you, having a kid makes you busy. UGH. With Jake's surgery, therapy, benefit and just daily life I find myself only able to post on facebook. Which brings me to my thoughts for Thursday topic.

Facebook VS Blogger

How many have you found that since you started to use Facebook blogger has been put on the back burner? I have. It's so much easier to facebook. I get lazy and just upload pictures to facebook. One thing I love about blogger is having that record of my sons life. Everyday I say, today I will blog and then the day is gone and I didn't. I think I need to take a little time maybe two days a week to blog about life and about my son. Yes, that is what I will do. So starting today I am making this my goal. A blog twice a week and to also take time to visit my long lost fellow blogger friends.

Wish me luck