Oct 1, 2009

TFT- Facebook vs Blogger

Yes that's right I am blogging. I bet you thought you would never see it again. Man I tell you, having a kid makes you busy. UGH. With Jake's surgery, therapy, benefit and just daily life I find myself only able to post on facebook. Which brings me to my thoughts for Thursday topic.

Facebook VS Blogger

How many have you found that since you started to use Facebook blogger has been put on the back burner? I have. It's so much easier to facebook. I get lazy and just upload pictures to facebook. One thing I love about blogger is having that record of my sons life. Everyday I say, today I will blog and then the day is gone and I didn't. I think I need to take a little time maybe two days a week to blog about life and about my son. Yes, that is what I will do. So starting today I am making this my goal. A blog twice a week and to also take time to visit my long lost fellow blogger friends.

Wish me luck

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Kristi said...

I go through streaks with my blogging and I love Facebook, but I see them as separate entities. I can export my posts to Facebook which I love, so FB friends can still read my blogs too.