Aug 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday-Story Time

A friend of ours just gave Jake a big basket of new books. He loves them. I thought I would share some pictures of Jake having story time.

Aug 30, 2011

Storytelling in 30 Photos

I was looking for an idea for a Tuesday post and Krysten from After-I-Do suggested Storytelling in 30 Photos. She does this weekly and it's a fun idea. I thought this would be a fun challenge and I have sooo many old and new photos that I could share. If you would like to join in please do. I would love to see all your photos.

1) Our Babymoon

I know that I shared this photo before but I love it and thought it would be a good first photo to kick off my 30 photo challenge. This picture was taken in Duluth January 2009. I heard about couples taking a babymoon prior too having a new baby. A babymoon is your last trip as a family of two before having a baby. B and I decided to go to Duluth because it's one of my favorite places. It was a fun trip but it was cold and we almost got snowed in. We happened to get caught up in a HUGE snow storm. I love this picture because it's before our life changed so drastically for the better. We were so clueless to what our life would be. One month later our little bundle of joy came into our lives and changed us for ever.

Aug 29, 2011

Fireworks Backyard Style

Jake can never stay up long enough to ever see fireworks on the 4th of July. B thought it would be fun to get out some sparklers and a few fire works and put on a little show for Jake before he went to bed the other night. I know it isn't even dark yet but Jake is usually in bed before dark so we thought what the heck we'll just do it in the light. He thought they were really cool. 

Jake was all ready for bed that is why he has a NUK in his mouth. 

Gizzy was bored with the show.

Aug 27, 2011

Happy Saturday!

10 Things that made me HAPPY this week

1. Having someone at work tell me that coming to work has become more pleasant since I started working there and that I am easy to talk to.

2. Hanging out in my backyard with my little family every evening after work.

3. The State Fair starting(even though I can't go until next week)

4. Getting some great pictures of my little man.

5. B hooking up a rope to our three UGLY bushes in your front lawn and ripping them out of the ground. Phase one of our landscaping project complete. :)

6. Having my engagement ring finally paid off. Thank you B!! Best gift EVER!

7. Jake learned how to blow his nose. I know that it doesn't sound like a big deal but it is when he has a cold.

8. Wagon walks with Jake, B and Gizzy.

9. Fruity Cheerios.

10. A surprise visit from my Cousins, Nick, Brittany and Vinny V. 

There is my list. If you would like to share what made you happy this week Link up

Vinny V

My Cousin Nick and his girlfriend Brittney had a little boy 3 weeks ago. They named him Vinny V. How cute is that!! Tonight they surprised us by stopping by. I was very excited because this is our first time meeting little Vinny. He is a very good baby and so dang cute.

Put up your dukes. 

Gizzy didn't know what to think of Vinny.

Earlier in the night  B, Jake and I were hanging out on the deck as we do every evening. I thought I would share some photos of our evening.

Gizzy likes to attack Jake's tracter
What a cutie!
Gizzy let go!!
Look at me!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Aug 25, 2011

Playing In The Yard

Tonight after I got home from work B and I hung out in the yard and watched Jake play. It was a beautiful night. We love hanging out in our backyard relaxing. It is one of my most favorite things to do. Here are some pictures of Jake hanging in the yard. Straight out of my camera. No editing. I think they turned out really good.

Aug 22, 2011

Weekend At The Cabin

This past weekend B, Jake, Lanee and I went to the cabin for some much needed r&r and family time. We headed up Friday after work. We attended the Carlton County Fair . I've been going to this fair every year since birth and I wanted to take Jake. This year he was finally able to go on some rides. Here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend.

First ride EVER! He wasn't too sure about it. Tony Loved it though.
My Brother Jason and B taking the boys on the slide

Jake loved it!! He screamed after because it was over.
My Brother and I buckling the kids in

Tony loved driving. Jake sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Tony, Jake and Holly going on a ride with Great Grandpa
My Beautiful Niece Leah Jo
Tony being silly
Jake loves this tunnel thing. It folds up so small and we always keep it in the camper. It keeps him busy for hours.
Jake and Tony playing together

Jake and Tony holding hands. Love it!
B making a fire. 
How cute is Lanee in her beach hat?? So cute!
Auntie Lori playing Uno with Jake and Tony
Love the colors

It was a great relaxing weekend. We all had a blast. It was much needed and I am happy we got to go and that B was feeling well enough to go. I am also very happy Lanee was able to come with. We figured out that it has been about 10-12 years since she has came to the cabin with me.

I also just wanted to share a picture of this really cute chair I got Jake for our yard. My work is selling these right now. They have them in every color.

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