Aug 2, 2011

10 Post You Challenge- 3 films

I love movies so it is hard for me to pick 3. I have dozens of favs. I decided to make this easy on myself and just pick 3 comedies that I love. 

 All these movies are from the same group of directors/actors/writers. 
3. Get Him To The Greek- seriously it is the funniest movie I have ever seen. 
2. Pineapple Express- A lot of people this this movie is stupid and yes it is a little stupid but I find it hilarious. 
1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall.- I love love love this movie. I could watch it everyday. It's on TV at least  once a week and I'm still not sick of it. 

So there is my list of my 3 favorite comedies. 


Kristi said...

Albus Snow!!! Love the character, seriously hilarious in both movies.

Olivia Grace said...

We just DVR'd Get Him to the Greek, glad you liked it, we will have to check it out soon! And Sarah Marshall makes me laugh until I pee my pants, seriously hilarious!

DeBran said... are a comedy gal! get him to the greek was so funny!

Robyn said...

Interesting, I didn't see the Pineapple Express coming. I may have to check out Forgetting Sarah Marshall now.

Dana said...

I haven't seen Get Him to the Greek. I'll have to check that out.

Ang said...

I haven't seen Get Him To THe Greek either! It looked decent... I'll have to find it, maybe Redbox has it..

Nicole said...

Oh this is neat! I am going to have to try this 10 day thing!

Michelle Leigh said...

I LOVE Forgetting Sarah Marshall. One of my all time favorite movies! I really did not like Get him to Greek though! Ridiculous.