Aug 2, 2011

Girls Night

Last night a good friend of my had a girls night out party. No men or kids were allowed. I invited my Aunt Jenny along with me. We decided to go play bingo before heading over to the party. I won 50 dollars play bingo. I was very happy. After bingo Jenny and I headed over to Tamie's. The party started at 2 and we headed over there around 5:30. By the time we got there the girls were all feeling pretty good.

My Aunt and I brought a 12 pack and each of us had 6 beers. Since I'm not much of a drinker these days 6 beers and I was DONE. These girls know how to party that's all I can say. We all stayed up until around 1:45. I wasn't feeling the greatest around 11 but I still had a great time I just hung out and watched every one.

 We hung out on the deck until the rain came and then headed inside. I took a bunch of pictures but I am not going to share them all. You know how wild girls can get when alcohol is involved and the kids are away. We sang, danced, laughed and just had a blast.

The Hostess Tamie and her future  

My Aunt Jenny

Deb, Colleen and Jenny

Colleen and Jenny

Tamie is a comedian. she is always putting on a show. She cracks us all up. 

After a long night with the girls. Sonja and I just had to relax on the couch. 

Thank you Tamie for a great evening. 


Dana said...

Congrats on winning at bingo! Looks like you all had a good time. Glad you could let loose a little. That picture of Tamie with the wig on is funny!!

Danifred said...

Looks like an amazing time. I miss those days!

Ang said...

I love girls nights! Looks like a nice big group too - man, those are the times you'll remember forever!

Scientific Housewife said...

How fun!