Oct 25, 2011

Storytelling in 30 Photos

Remember this post http://berlyjo.blogspot.com/2011/09/storytelling-in-30-photos_13.html Well I told you that I would post more picture of my odd obsession with taking pictures where I lay still and act dead. This is a strange thing that I started the weekend I was up with my Aunt in Duluth. Only some people think it is funny. Some people think it's odd and others think it's offensive. Well I just say don't look if you don't want to because I have a ton of them and for some reason they crack me up. A few of my close family and friends think they are funny too so I guess I'm not the only one that is a little nuts. 
Photo #3
Did I fall down the stairs or did I pass out on the stairs?? hmm

Photo #4

Now that I think of it I have a friend that did a couple of these in the bottom of an empty pool and I for some reason thought it was the funniest picture I've ever seen. I have a strange sense of humor. 

Oct 23, 2011

Jake's a Bird

I thought I would share a picture of Jake's Halloween costume. He's going to be a birdie.

I really wanted to choose a costume that was more boy like a super hero or something but when I saw this I had to get it. How cute is he????

Oct 19, 2011

Oct 12, 2011

Mary's Memorial

B's Mom Mary passed away a couple weeks ago due to complications from pneumonia. It's been a very sad couple of weeks for B and our family. If you have noticed that I haven't really blogged much lately or commented that is one of the reasons. B has been sick with cancer for the past year and a half and hasn't been well enough to spend much time with his Mom. So I know that losing her was not only painful but he also regretted not being able to spend time with her in her last days.

B really wanted to throw a memorial party for his Mom to be able to celebrate her life. Mary lived in Texas for 20 years and didn't move back home until about 4 years ago so she didn't have many friends up here and B has a very small family but his friends knew his Mom growing up and they all loved her. He wanted to have an evening with his friends and some family to remember Mary so that is what we did. Here are some pictures from the evening.

B's Sister Shannon made an awesome memorial board 

B and his Sister Shannon

Jake with his Aunties Daria and Gretchen

Forgot the flash so this picture didn't turn out the best. Tam and Daria

My neighbor and Daycare Dad Tony

Roger and Daria

B with some of his friends

Mary was an amazing little lady. She was so kind and had a big heart. She loved her children and LOVED her Grandchildren. She will be deeply missed.

Oct 9, 2011

Blogger Meetup

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting some fellow blogger girls for dinner. Ang, Dana, Kristi and Krysten and I met at Axel's in Saint Paul. This was the first time that I met Ang and Krysten. I've known Dana and Kristi since high school. It was really nice to finally meet Ang in Krysten IRL. Dinner was great and the company was even better.

Kristi and me

Me, Dana, Krysten, Ang and Kristi

Ang,Dana and Krysten
I had a really nice time with these girls and hope to make this a regular thing.

Oct 7, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

I haven't blogged in so long I almost forgot that I have one. I am trying to get back into the groove of things so I thought I would start off with a little Friday Night Leftover Post.

  1. B's Mom passed away last week and that is another reason I've been absent. I've spent the week planning her memorial that we are having at our house tomorrow.
  2. I had the pleasure of meeting up with a few of my fellow blogger girls for dinner. More to follow in another post. 
  3. Work has been crazy and I am still trying to get caught up from the time I missed last week. I really love my job and how supportive my co-workers are. 
  4. I was very sad to hear that my dog that I used to have with an ex had to be put down. Gus was an amazing dog and I loved her very much. She will be missed. 
  5. I finally got a new/used car. B totaled the trusty Malibu that we thought would never die. I'm thankful he is ok but I will miss that old car. 
  6. Our landscaping project in our front yard is complete. Pictures to follow in another post.
  7. Highlight of my week was when I was at CUB the other day I stopped at a big bin of childrens books that were marked down 80%. I came across and HUGE puppy book with giant pictures of puppies and  fur to feel and the story was written in very large font. As I was looking at this book I noticed another woman looking through the books as well. I made a comment of how wonderful this book would be for my son who is legally blind and how the print was so large he would be able to see it. I thought about buying it but didn't. I said have a nice day to the woman and walked up to the check out. The woman caught up to be at the checkout with the book and the money for the book and said, "I would like to buy this book for your son". I was so floored by the kindness of this woman. It made my day, my week, my month.
That's all I got for now. I promise to be back soon to post more updates. I also have many photos to share so stay tuned. To my fellow blogger friends out there that are still reading I promise to get back to commenting on your blogs more.