Oct 25, 2011

Storytelling in 30 Photos

Remember this post http://berlyjo.blogspot.com/2011/09/storytelling-in-30-photos_13.html Well I told you that I would post more picture of my odd obsession with taking pictures where I lay still and act dead. This is a strange thing that I started the weekend I was up with my Aunt in Duluth. Only some people think it is funny. Some people think it's odd and others think it's offensive. Well I just say don't look if you don't want to because I have a ton of them and for some reason they crack me up. A few of my close family and friends think they are funny too so I guess I'm not the only one that is a little nuts. 
Photo #3
Did I fall down the stairs or did I pass out on the stairs?? hmm

Photo #4

Now that I think of it I have a friend that did a couple of these in the bottom of an empty pool and I for some reason thought it was the funniest picture I've ever seen. I have a strange sense of humor. 


Dana said...

These are funny! The first one looks like you are really dead.

Ang said...

I agree, the top one is best (I don't think many people fall into a spread eagle position when they die? maybe i'm wrong).

AND... these make so much more sense now that I've had a glimpse into who you REALLY are :)
I think they are funny! I'm going to try it sometime if you don't mind me stealing your idea?

Kristi said...

Not that different from "planking" and that is all the rage these days.

BoomerSooner said...

VEry funny! I dig it!