May 3, 2013

Jake's Class Picture


My blog has been inactive for a long time. This is going to change as I want to shy away from posting on facebook about Jake and family and start getting back into documenting our lives on my blog. I used to put so much time into my blog and because of work, family and just life I have let my blog fall by the wayside. I am hoping to change that. Starting today.

Jake attends an early intervention preschool and he LOVES it. He has learned so much and become such a local little boy. I am so happy at how well things have gone and sad that he will be moving to a new school next year. Jake gets a lot of hands on help at Riverview and I wish that he could stay there next year but hopefully his new school will be just as good if not better. I am not too sure though as I have already heard bad news about his new school. I will be posting his school pictures soon but below is his class photo.

I showed Jake his class picture and he was able to find Ms. Sandy in the picture. Unfortunately I think his friends were a tad too small for him to see so he was unable to name them but that's ok. Look at that big smile. What a handsome little man.