Apr 17, 2012

My Birthday Dinner

This past Saturday Brent and I got together with our friends for my Birthday Dinner. We went to Rudy's Red Eye Grill in White Bear Lake. It was a fun dinner.

Blowing out my candle
Kristi and Me

The girls

Being silly. Sonja don't hate me for posting this photo. 

Rog, Lanee and Troy

I feel like I have the best group of friends. It has taken me a while to realize who is important in my life and to let go of the people that just don't care. We have all had our share of fights but in the end we will always be there for each other. We are a family and families have their share of drama. The the 20+ years I have known these girls a lot of friends have come and gone. Through it all they still remain the most important people in my life. I love you all.