Jul 28, 2017

What's Up, Weekend? July 28th, 2017

Linking up with my sweet friends, Charlotte and Lindsay from Peaceful Posse. I'm so happy it's the weekend. This summer is flying by and it's good to take a pause once in a while to reflect. Here is my list of what made me happy this week. Normally I have pics to follow my posts but surprisingly enough, I didn't take many pictures this week.

1. The Community Center where Jake goes to daycare hired a new director. Thank GAWD. I was sick of complaining about the lack of leadership. 

2. Coffee. You help me through the mornings. 

3. Headed up north today for our annual camping trip with the fam. Can't wait!!

4. The other night I walked by the bedroom caught a glimpse of Jason putting laundry away and Jake  on the floor belting out the song to Mulan. Where ever Jason is, Jake isn't far behind. 

5. I received my order of ThinSlim bread. I haven't had bread in 4 months so this satisfied my craving. 

6. Having a fresh cut lawn. Thanks babe!

7. Sunny days!!

8. Discovering back roads so that my commute isn't so bad.  I love living in the country but unfortunately all those cabin bound drivers make my life a nightmare, every Friday after work. For that reason, I am ready for summer to be over.

9. All Things Herbal Almond Oatmeal hand lotion. Love it!

10. I may not post every single day but reading all the blogs on the PP group makes me happy. I try to show love as much as possible. Lots of talented writers/bloggers. Happy to be a part of the group. xxoo

Jul 21, 2017

What's Up, Weekend? July 21st, 2017

Good Morning and Happy Friday!! This week flew by. I am linking up with two of favorite peeps from Peaceful Posse, Lindsay and Charlotte. What made me happy this week? Lots of stuff. Here is my list.

Beautiful Summer nights on the farm. I never thought that this city girl would ever love country living but nights like this a why I love it!

This picture popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday and it made me smile. Maybe also a tad sad because he's not this little anymore but still made me happy.

My sweet Cooper! She makes me very happy with her sweet self. She is jumped in the truck the other night and just hung out. She is so funny.

 Jake made HERO OF THE WEEK!!

These two. Of course they make my list often but this picture says it all.

Simple lunches. Since going low carb/no sugar I actually prefer meals like this vs. a burger and fries. 

 Every morning as I pull out of the driveway I look over and this is what I see. Today I actually stopped and captured it. Beautiful!

What made you happy this week??

Jul 19, 2017

Currently-July 2017

Current mood: Leaps and bounds from where I was last month. I thought I was having a mental break. I'm feeling back to "normal"

Current procrastination: Unpacking. No lie. I moved in with Mr. J May 1st and I still haven't unpacked everything. I moved all my boxes to the garage and there they've sat for 2.5 months. It's a huge project that I have no energy for. Out of sight out of mind. Maybe I should move them all into my dining room. That might give me motivation.

Current need: A hair cut. Don't judge. I haven't cut my hair in over a year. It's about 2 inches above my waist. It's way to long. Going to get a hair cut is like going to the dentist for me. I hate it!  

Current craving: CHINESE FOOD! I started a new way of eating a few months back and have lost 16 pounds but I miss Chinese food. 

Current obsession: Trying to find Chinese food restaurant that cooks without sugar and carb loaded ingredients.

Current drink: Truly spiked and sparkling. I love it!! only 1 carb. 

Current food: Mr. J says that all I eat is lettuce but that's not true. I would say that my current go to is taco salad. 

Currently looking forward to: Our annual family camping trip at the end of the month. 
Currently watching: I am obsessed with all TV but currently my favorite show is Big Brother. It's one of the best season yet and I've been watching it for 19 seasons.
Currently Listening to: The twin cites has a new radio station that plays only modern alternative. I love it. Check it out online 96.3 
Currently Loving: Sugar free Jello. I know. Strange. It satisfies my sweet tooth. 

So there you have it! What is on your currently list this month??

Jul 14, 2017

Tips for Visually Impaired Students

Jake's new braille teacher put together this list of tips for Jake's teachers, classmates and daycare staff. I feel silly that I didn't think of something like this sooner. It is very helpful for kids with visual impairments. 

Jake is a fun student  to get to know. He is just like any other 3rd grader only his eyes don’t work like sighted people’s eyes. He should be encouraged to be independent. Here are some tips that may help Jake’s day go smoother.
  • Jake needs to be at least 4 feet away to get visual information from a person or object. He is the best advocate of what he can see and not see. It is okay to say “look at that” or “did you see that?”
  • Jake should always get preferential seating for accessing visual information. Descriptive information on a picture or object is also helpful.
  • Using specific directions like “to the left or right” should be used rather than other here or there.  
  • Always greet Jake by name and say who you are. Students contributing to conversation in circle should also say their name first.
  • Fatigue-it is mentally draining trying to understand what is happening or who is talking all day.
  • Often visually impaired students interact easier with adults rather than peers
  • Many visually impaired children don’t know how to play. It has to be modeled for them.
  • Non-verbal communication in body language and facial expression (smiles, frown, hands on hips) are often missed with visually impaired students.
  • Paying attention-Jake’s eyes cannot focus like most people. Just because he is not looking at you, it does not mean he is not paying attention.
  • Jake’s eyes involuntarily move around. This should not be considered an expression, he is not listening, or a behavior.
  • Books, backpacks, and other personal items should be properly stored in consistent places.
  • Jake should be familiarized with new spaces.
  • Glare and bright lights are difficult for Jake. It is best for his back to be faced toward a window with glare.

Jul 12, 2017

4th of July, 2017

The 4th fell on a Tuesday this year which put a wrench in our annual 4th of July trip to the cabin because I had to work on Monday. We decided to head up to the cabin after work for a 2 day mini vaca after all. 

On our way up to the cabin we stopped for a late lunch. I had to order this bloody mary. It had ribs on it. WHAT?

Have you ever had this beer? Mr. J was super jazzed about having one of these. I am not sure what the hype is but I guess it's because you can only buy it in Wisconsin. Oh by the way, he kept this can. 

Jake talked about this trip to the cabin for weeks leading up to it. He loves time with his cousins. He and my niece Leah are peas in a pod. 

Parade Time!!

Even though it was hot and steamy we had to stop at the park for some fun after the parade. 

Mr. J and I had to get back to work but Jake got to stay up at the cabin for the week with his grandma. 
Every summer my mom takes her grandkids to pizza and a movie. They saw Despicable Me 3. My Mom is not the best picture taker but still it's cute. 

Jake got to go over to his cousins cabin for a sleep over while he was up at the cabin. He loves his cousins!! My sister in law captures some good memories. 

 I love this picture of Jake. 
 Dinner Time 
 Time for bed!

Mr. J and I headed back up to the cabin Saturday to pick Jake up. He did NOT want to come home. 
My sister and niece decided to take a day trip up to the cabin the same day. We all met up over at my brother and sister in law new cabin to check it out and for some dock time.

We haven't had a pic of all the grandkids together in a while. I was happy my niece came up. She's 18 and hard to pin down. 

It was a fun 4th but it all went way too fast. Next year we are taking a week off. 

I hope you all had a great 4th.