Jul 12, 2017

4th of July, 2017

The 4th fell on a Tuesday this year which put a wrench in our annual 4th of July trip to the cabin because I had to work on Monday. We decided to head up to the cabin after work for a 2 day mini vaca after all. 

On our way up to the cabin we stopped for a late lunch. I had to order this bloody mary. It had ribs on it. WHAT?

Have you ever had this beer? Mr. J was super jazzed about having one of these. I am not sure what the hype is but I guess it's because you can only buy it in Wisconsin. Oh by the way, he kept this can. 

Jake talked about this trip to the cabin for weeks leading up to it. He loves time with his cousins. He and my niece Leah are peas in a pod. 

Parade Time!!

Even though it was hot and steamy we had to stop at the park for some fun after the parade. 

Mr. J and I had to get back to work but Jake got to stay up at the cabin for the week with his grandma. 
Every summer my mom takes her grandkids to pizza and a movie. They saw Despicable Me 3. My Mom is not the best picture taker but still it's cute. 

Jake got to go over to his cousins cabin for a sleep over while he was up at the cabin. He loves his cousins!! My sister in law captures some good memories. 

 I love this picture of Jake. 
 Dinner Time 
 Time for bed!

Mr. J and I headed back up to the cabin Saturday to pick Jake up. He did NOT want to come home. 
My sister and niece decided to take a day trip up to the cabin the same day. We all met up over at my brother and sister in law new cabin to check it out and for some dock time.

We haven't had a pic of all the grandkids together in a while. I was happy my niece came up. She's 18 and hard to pin down. 

It was a fun 4th but it all went way too fast. Next year we are taking a week off. 

I hope you all had a great 4th. 


Bethie The Boo said...

I'm glad you managed to get a little cabin time in! That bloody mary looks delicious and insanely full of stuff! And yes New Glarus is THE beer in Wisconsin, it's good stuff. But we can't get it here. :P Love all the pictures, glad Jake was having so much fun!

Trish @ The Trish List said...

Looks like you had a fun vacation! That bloody mary is intense!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

That's great you got to go for a bit, but yes, next year you should totally take the whole week. That's great Jake got to stay and spend time with family though. It looks like he had a blast.


Kimberly said...

I could dive face first into that drink. I really could. I would have no shame either.
All those pictures are so lovely and so colourful too! So indicative of summer eh? I'm glad that you had a wonderful time even if it was just for a wee bit of time. Hopefully, you'll get to go longer next!