Oct 17, 2010

20 Months

Today Jake turns 20 months so I thought I would post some updates. It's been a while since I've blogged and I have to say a lot has changed in the past month. Jake is now an official walker. YAY!! He isn't saying any words yet but he is speaking his own language. At times he says Mama and Dada but we aren't sure if he knows what he is saying. He is in speech therapy twice a week and we have noticed a lot of improvement. He has 12 teeth and is getting 4 more so this week he has been a tad on the crabby side. He is starting to communicate more with us which is nice.
Jake loves to go to the park with us and swing. He thinks its the funniest thing ever. The backyard is Jake's favorite place to hang out. He would stay out there all day and night if we let him. Can't wait to see him in the snow.
Jake has a strange obsession with feet. It's very odd. He will play with our feet and laugh.. Hmmm. Not sure what that is going to turn into. Lol. He also loves our dog Gizmo. At first Gizmo couldn't stand Jake but now they are becoming buddies. It's cute!
Jake's vision is a question. He seems to move around pretty well and at times we think he can see really well but then at other times he can't. Jake's vision is a waiting game and we just take it day by day. He still doesn't look at you directly and doesn't recognize facial expressions and that may never change but he can find his toys and maneuvers around the house like a champ. We feel blessed to have such a happy little boy.

Happy 20 months little man... Only 4 more until the big 2!!

Love you, Mom and Dad