Nov 25, 2008


i am: excited that I only have 45 min left of work
i know: that I am going to love being a Mom

i want: a new car
i have: an amazing fiance that loves me unconditionally despite my pregnancy mood swings
i miss: playing poker a few days a week

i feel: stretched to the max
i hear: better than B
i smell: my lip chap
i crave: love
i cry: all the time

i search: google
i wonder: what labor will feel like
i regret: nothing

i love: my son
i worry: I won't have enough stuff for when the baby is born

i remember: all the good times I've had
i dance: not nearly enough

i don't: like liars
i argue: if I feel strongly about something
i write: letters when I need to get my feelings across
i win: at the casino

i lose: bobby pins and hair ties
i wish: nothing but the best to those that are no longer in my life

i listen: to my friends when they need someone to talk to

i can usually be found: at home or at work

i am scared: of labor
i need: B, my family and my friends

i forget: too much

Week Update

Friday night B and I went out to dinner with a bunch of friends for Sonja's 30th B-day. I was so tired and just wanted to go to bed after work but we went because 30 is a big B-day and Sonja is very dear to me. B was happy to get out and socialize..B loves hanging out with Mary's hubby Troy and Lanee's hubby Roger.
Here is a picture of all of us(minus all the men). You will notice I didn't dress up for dinner. I felt frumpy and ugly.. GOTTA love being pregnant.

We had the boys taking the pictures and there were flashed going off everywhere. No one knew where to look. Not a very good pic.

After dinner B and I went home to get some Zzzzz's. B set his alarm for midnight because him and his friend Matt were going up north deer hunting after Matt got off of work. I didn't really even hear him leave because I was soooo tired.

Saturday morning I woke up and realized that I was all alone for the whole weekend. Even the MIL was gone. By 11 am I was bored and needed some company so I went over to Mary's. I was craving Olive Garden so I made Mary and the kids go with me to lunch. I love love love the salad and bread sticks from OG. After pigging out I headed home to do nothing before the family came over.
Saturday night my family came over for my Mom's 55th b-day party. All of the kids surprised her with tickets to the WILD game. Unfortunately we were only able to swing 2 tickets because they are hard to get and VERY expensive. So my Bro took her to the game while my SIL Lori, Sister Tracy, BFF Mary and all the kids stayed back and watched movies. Here are some pictures from the night I would of had more but my camera died. :(

My Mom and Bro Jason

Mom and Tony

My Grandpa is a VERY talented artist/carver/everything. This is a gift that he gave my Mom. He carved this Santa and fireplace. My mom has 5 Brothers and Sisters and each stocking has their names on them. The Santa is making a toast.

All night long Gizmo was following Tony around. If Tony was on the floor playing Giz was right next to him trying to lick him if Tony was sitting on the couch so was Giz. My dog is obsessed with small kids. I tried to get a picture of Gizmo licking Tony and Tony giggling but Giz is so black you can barely see him.. I think he might be a tad annoying when the baby comes but he will have to get used to him..

By Sunday I was VERY ready for B to be home. One day is ok but I miss him too much when he is gone for days. He finally got home around 9:30 pm and I was so happy to see him... :)
I hope everyone had a great weekend and if I don't check back before Thursday HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Nov 20, 2008

Almost Friday

Last night I stopped at Target for some baby laundry soap so I could start washing all of Jake's clothes and I came across a dresser in the baby department that I really liked. It was the same height as the changing table/dresser that I wanted from Kmart but it had more drawers. I said screw it and just bought it.

The picture quality isn't so good because I used my cell phone(excuse my iron). I spent two hours putting it together last night (with a little help from B) and I think it looks great in the room. I am going to paint the knobs to make it not look so plain.

When I got home from Target last night B had dinner ready for me. He made taco's and we actually sat at our kitchen table and ate together. It was nice. Normally we sit in front of the TV which I hate doing because we have such a nice dining room set and a nice kitchen table that we never use.

That's all for now.

Nov 19, 2008

Overdue Weekend Update

This past weekend B's Aunt Donna and Sister Shannon had a couples baby shower for us with B's family and friends. A lot of people showed up and we had a great time. Here are some pics from the shower.

Pregnant Lady and B

Shannon(B's sister) Aunt Donna, Pregnant lady, B and Mary (B's Mom)

I just want to say thank you to Donna and Shannon for the wonderful shower.

Sunday B and I headed to Dinky Town to the Gopher hockey game. We stopped at an Irish Pup for lunch before the game. I can't remember the name of this place but our food was AWESOME!! The game was a lot of fun.. Here are some pictures.

B won't show his teeth when smiling right now because he chipped a tooth and thinks everyone can tell... BUT YOU CAN'T TELL

Goldie entertaining the crowd

We had a lot going on this past weekend and by Sunday night I was beat. I laid on the couch and B went to watch football with his buddies.
Last night I went through all the new baby stuff from the shower and organized Jacob's room. We need to hang the quilt on the wall and hang a few other things and I still need to get my changing table/dresser which I found at Kmart of all places. I looked at Target, Babies R us, Walmart, Ikea and a few other places and couldn't find what I needed but I did find one at Kmart. Strange! Once I have that then I can put away all the clothes that we have for the little man.
Two weeks and I will be in my third trimester. WOW!!

Nov 13, 2008


B and I went to our ultrasound the other night and after waiting 35-40 min with a FULL bladder we got in to see the tech. The tech was the lady that I had at my 12 week ultrasound. I LOVE HER!! She is amazing. I told her about the cyst/tumor that St.Kate's saw and she said that it's a fibroid tumor and that she saw that at 12 weeks and that my doctor should have known that when I went in to see her. She said that St.Kate's freaked me out for no reason. I'm thinking that because I was cramping my doctor just wanted to be safe and have the baby checked out. We didn't mind. Any time we get to see Jacob is a blessing. The tumor is about 2 inches long and is the hard lump that I feel by my belly button that I was thinking was the babies butt or head. It has gotten bigger but as long as it doesn't get really big then we will be ok.

Seeing Jacob again was amazing. He was moving around like crazy and yawning. The tech Chris said he is 100% a boy. We don't need anymore convincing.. We are having a little boy. Chris said that he is about 1 pound 11 oz and is measuring exactly 25 weeks. She said that he will probably be about 8 pound and will be due on 2/23-2/24. Chris said that I am doing something right because he is progressing perfectly. I love hearing that. She also said that he is really cute. I asked her how she can tell what he looks like from the sonogram and she said after doing this for so long she can tell. Awwww!!!

I will try and post pics of little Jake soon.


Nov 11, 2008

My Monday!!

Today is my Monday because I was out of work yesterday. For those of you that didn't know this, last week B and I went to Saint Kate's college to get an ultrasound. They do them for free so their students in the sonogram program can learn about what to look for. We didn't think we would have another ultrasound and we really wanted confirmation on the sex.
I didn't mention this but last week but the instructor of the class said that she saw a cyst/tumor and should get it checked out. Well yesterday morning I was cramping really bad and decided to go in to the doctor just to be safe. My doctor ordered another ultrasound. So tonight B and I will get to see our little man again. YAY!! I just hope that everything is ok. I am stressed to the max and making it worse. I need to just relax but I am also having issues with the MIL living sitch. Hopefully everything will work out.

Mary came over yesterday afternoon and set up the crib for me. We put all the bedding on crib and hung the window treatments. It's so cute but not done so you will have to wait for a picture. I want to get a changing table first and then it will be pretty much done.

I am working on catching up and commenting on every one's blogs. Sorry I've been a slacker.

Well that's all for now.

PS Michelle your package will be in the mail this week I promise..

Nov 9, 2008

Weekend and belly pics

Friday I got 6 inches cut off my hair. UGH!! I know that I needed to and it's really cute but my hair is like my security blanket. It was too long though. It was to my lower back. WAY TOO LONG!! All I was doing was pulling it back in a pony tail. I started to feel very frumpy. Now it just barely touches my bra strap but it's all layered up and I love it.

Saturday Mary came over and painted the baby's room for me. She spent about 6 hours working on the room. I love my BFF...

She is trying to cover the BIG FISH that the previous owners painted on the wall..

I headed over to my Mom's Saturday afternoon to go with her to play bingo.. I didn't win once but my Mom won twice.. NICE!!

Today I did a little shopping. I am looking for a changing table or a dresser to use a changing table for the baby's room. No luck.

Stopped at my Moms after and she took the pictures of my belly.

Almost 25 weeks

I don't know if any of you out there had this issue when you were pregnant but I am very sensitive about comments about how big I am getting. I feel like I am right on track but I get a lot of comments like WOW you're big or GEEZ you're healthy. Maybe I am just being sensitive.
Well that's all for now.

Nov 6, 2008

Results are in!

Today we had our ultrasound and it was very clear this time what this little bugger is.

Drum roll pleases......................................

IT'S A BOY!!!!
Thank you to those of you who sent me your guesses. I drew a name and picked Michelle as the winner. Michelle please email me your address so I can send you a little package.