Nov 25, 2008


i am: excited that I only have 45 min left of work
i know: that I am going to love being a Mom

i want: a new car
i have: an amazing fiance that loves me unconditionally despite my pregnancy mood swings
i miss: playing poker a few days a week

i feel: stretched to the max
i hear: better than B
i smell: my lip chap
i crave: love
i cry: all the time

i search: google
i wonder: what labor will feel like
i regret: nothing

i love: my son
i worry: I won't have enough stuff for when the baby is born

i remember: all the good times I've had
i dance: not nearly enough

i don't: like liars
i argue: if I feel strongly about something
i write: letters when I need to get my feelings across
i win: at the casino

i lose: bobby pins and hair ties
i wish: nothing but the best to those that are no longer in my life

i listen: to my friends when they need someone to talk to

i can usually be found: at home or at work

i am scared: of labor
i need: B, my family and my friends

i forget: too much

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Anonymous said...

beaUtiful :)