Nov 11, 2008

My Monday!!

Today is my Monday because I was out of work yesterday. For those of you that didn't know this, last week B and I went to Saint Kate's college to get an ultrasound. They do them for free so their students in the sonogram program can learn about what to look for. We didn't think we would have another ultrasound and we really wanted confirmation on the sex.
I didn't mention this but last week but the instructor of the class said that she saw a cyst/tumor and should get it checked out. Well yesterday morning I was cramping really bad and decided to go in to the doctor just to be safe. My doctor ordered another ultrasound. So tonight B and I will get to see our little man again. YAY!! I just hope that everything is ok. I am stressed to the max and making it worse. I need to just relax but I am also having issues with the MIL living sitch. Hopefully everything will work out.

Mary came over yesterday afternoon and set up the crib for me. We put all the bedding on crib and hung the window treatments. It's so cute but not done so you will have to wait for a picture. I want to get a changing table first and then it will be pretty much done.

I am working on catching up and commenting on every one's blogs. Sorry I've been a slacker.

Well that's all for now.

PS Michelle your package will be in the mail this week I promise..


Kristi said...

Are they thinking it might be a fibroid or something else to worry about? Now I am concerned!!
I hope this next ultrasound goes okay

Michelle Leigh said...

I hope everything is ok! How scary.

I totally forgot about the package! That brightened my day!

I can't wait to see the baby's room! How fun.