Nov 9, 2008

Weekend and belly pics

Friday I got 6 inches cut off my hair. UGH!! I know that I needed to and it's really cute but my hair is like my security blanket. It was too long though. It was to my lower back. WAY TOO LONG!! All I was doing was pulling it back in a pony tail. I started to feel very frumpy. Now it just barely touches my bra strap but it's all layered up and I love it.

Saturday Mary came over and painted the baby's room for me. She spent about 6 hours working on the room. I love my BFF...

She is trying to cover the BIG FISH that the previous owners painted on the wall..

I headed over to my Mom's Saturday afternoon to go with her to play bingo.. I didn't win once but my Mom won twice.. NICE!!

Today I did a little shopping. I am looking for a changing table or a dresser to use a changing table for the baby's room. No luck.

Stopped at my Moms after and she took the pictures of my belly.

Almost 25 weeks

I don't know if any of you out there had this issue when you were pregnant but I am very sensitive about comments about how big I am getting. I feel like I am right on track but I get a lot of comments like WOW you're big or GEEZ you're healthy. Maybe I am just being sensitive.
Well that's all for now.


Michelle Leigh said...

I think your belly looks perfect, tell those people to f off. You are growing a baby for God's sake! You should have seen me when I was preggo with Annika. Nasty! I gained 50 pounds and when I was 26 weeks, I looked like I was due. I wouldn't worry, you are no where near that!

Kristi said...

I don't think you look big really big for 6 1/2 months. It is all in the tummy too, you don't look like you've gained hardly any weight at all for being this far along.
Miss you

Robyn said...

You look perfect. I, like I am now, would be telling you you look great at 6.5 months. Seriously, you look great.

Charlotte Klein said...

Awww, it's so nice to stop back here and read this before you had your little man <3 You look gorgeous. I think people don't always know the most delicate ways of saying things or they think they're being... appropriate? I have no idea. You look gorgeous with your beautiful baby belly :)

Bethie The Boo said...

I love looking back at belly pics from when I was pregnant too. And I agree, the comments people made were so annoying, especially toward the end with things like "oh wow, you've really dropped, any minute now huh?" Yeah, that helps so much. Anyway, you were the cutest pregnant lady!