Nov 13, 2008


B and I went to our ultrasound the other night and after waiting 35-40 min with a FULL bladder we got in to see the tech. The tech was the lady that I had at my 12 week ultrasound. I LOVE HER!! She is amazing. I told her about the cyst/tumor that St.Kate's saw and she said that it's a fibroid tumor and that she saw that at 12 weeks and that my doctor should have known that when I went in to see her. She said that St.Kate's freaked me out for no reason. I'm thinking that because I was cramping my doctor just wanted to be safe and have the baby checked out. We didn't mind. Any time we get to see Jacob is a blessing. The tumor is about 2 inches long and is the hard lump that I feel by my belly button that I was thinking was the babies butt or head. It has gotten bigger but as long as it doesn't get really big then we will be ok.

Seeing Jacob again was amazing. He was moving around like crazy and yawning. The tech Chris said he is 100% a boy. We don't need anymore convincing.. We are having a little boy. Chris said that he is about 1 pound 11 oz and is measuring exactly 25 weeks. She said that he will probably be about 8 pound and will be due on 2/23-2/24. Chris said that I am doing something right because he is progressing perfectly. I love hearing that. She also said that he is really cute. I asked her how she can tell what he looks like from the sonogram and she said after doing this for so long she can tell. Awwww!!!

I will try and post pics of little Jake soon.



Mary said...

Yay! Glad things are progressing well for you :)
I didn't know that you named him........I love the name Jacob! It's a good thing the holidays are will keep our minds occupied while waiting for these little guys to arrive! I CAN NOT wait to see my baby! I'm dying to know if he's going to look like his brother!

Anonymous said...

Blogger ate my comment! Bad Blogger.

Congratulations on the wonderful news and on knowing for sure that it's a boy! Funny how the blessings of such advanced technology can also be such a source of stress - though knowing what is going on certainly makes it worth it. I hope the time passes quickly for you - waiting for little ones to make their appearance is HARD!

Kristi said...

Are they wanting you to go to a high-risk pregnancy Dr for the Fibroid? My cousin's wife had one with her first pregnancy and it got absolutely HUGE. Her next pregnancy 17 months later happened to be with identical twins, so in a way it was good that her uterus could stretch as far as it needed to! (She is 5'0")

Michelle Leigh said...

I'm glad to hear things are fine! I love the name Jacob. Will you shorten it or no?