Aug 6, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • This was a crazy week for my family and I. B was rushed to the hospital Tuesday by ambulance right after I left for work. He ended up spending 3 days there. They think he had a infection in his blood from his chemo port. I swear this man has been through so much in the past year. Too much for a 40 year old if you ask me. 
  • Despite worrying about B all week I had a great week at work. I feel like I am really starting to settle in and feel more confident. I also love my assistant. She is young and in school for human resources. She is smart and I really enjoy working with her. 
  • Jake was missing B all week but he still did great at daycare and therapy all week. Nothing but good reports from all which makes me so proud. 
  • Jake has an EUA (Exam under anesthesia) on Monday so my Mom brought him in this week to the doctor for a pre op. Again nothing but good reports. He is 29 pounds now. WOW!!
  • B got out of the hospital Thursday and was feeling pretty good by Friday so he took me to lunch. We went to Flaherty's Bowling Alley for pizza. I have to say it is the best pizza I have ever had. If you live in the area you need to try it. Yummy.
  • Friday night after we put Jake down B and I knew that the gutters really needed to be cleaned out. We knew the rain was coming and with all our water problems in the basement they needed to get done ASAP. Because B is still very weak I decided I needed to step up and do them. I cleaned the gutters all by myself. GIRL POWER!! 



Olivia Grace said...

You go girl!! Getting it done, and all with a smile on your face!!! You are so brave!

Nicole said...

Sounds like an exhausting week... hang in there. I've been a hit or miss reader... What has gone on with B? I'm so sorry to hear all the medical stuff you guys are going through! Hang in there. And... you're a brave girl for getting those gutters! EEEEK!

Michelle Leigh said...

So sorry Brent was in the hospital again. Hopefully it's done with now, and I agree, much too much for a young 40 year old. I can't believe you went up there and did that. No way could I have done that. One time I tried to string xmas lights on our roof and I almost had a panic attack LOL!

Robyn said...

Hopefully B will be back to normal soon. Great job on the gutters.

Danifred said...

Scary and exhausting week! Hope B is feeling better.

Dana said...

This comment is so late but sorry about B but glad he is feeling better. We bowl at Flaherty's in the winter and I always see their pizzas and they look so good but now I'll have to try one. Look at you on the roof! :)