Aug 6, 2011

Family Day

My Grandma passed away a  couple months ago. We had a beautiful service for her and had her cremated. We wanted to wait until the whole family could go together and go up north to Crosby to bury her next to my Grandpa.
 Jake, B and I woke up early and headed up north to meet my family at the cemetery. The weather was terrible. It was raining and cold. Once we were all there we said a prayer and said goodbye to Grandma and placed her urn in her plot next to Grandpa. I took some pictures of the head stones. Some people may think that is weird but I wanted to remember what they looked like.

The headstone was covered in green moss. I took a rag and cleaned it up as best as I could.
Grandma's date hasn't been engraved yet. 
My Uncle David
You can't see the names on this one because it's so old but this is my
Great Grandpa Airhart and Great Grandma Airhart's headstone 

After we headed to my Uncle Bobby's house. He lives about an hour away from the cemetery in Onamia. We had a wild game feast and lots of other food. Of course I wasn't in to the wild game in the least but everyone else loved it. Jake had a blast playing with the kids. Unfortunately B wasn't feeling the best so we had to head out early. I did get some pictures of the kids though before we left.

My Nephew Tony
My Beautiful Niece Leah Jo
My Cousin's son Skylar. This little was a wild child. He was muddy head to toe.

Pictures of all the kids. I wish I could get everyone to all look at the camera at the same time and
all of them to have their  eyes open.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. 


Michelle Leigh said...

It really sounds like a bittersweet time. I think it's really cool that you have such a tight knit family to do that. Lucky girl!

Robyn said...

I agree with Michelle sounds bittersweet.

Kristi said...

The headstone turned out beautiful. Glad you had a nice time with the family