Aug 15, 2011

Bad Hair Day

I'm sure that you've noticed from pictures that I've posted of Jake that I don't really like to cut his hair. I love Jake's curls. I've only really cut it once and even then I kept a lot of curls. Well I knew that it was getting out of hand. Saturday he was mistaken for a girl and so I decided it was time for a "TRIM". Monday's my Sister picks up Jake from daycare and brings him to therapy. I asked her if she would bring him to get his hair trimmed. Just a little off the back and a cut his bangs so they aren't in his eyes anymore. Here is a before picture.

I was absolutely devastated when my Sister sent me a picture of his hair cut. Not only did the stylist CHOP all my kids hair off but she also did a hack job.

How the hell do you get your license when you cut hair like this. 

It's uneven on each side and the front is uneven too. I was so sad. My Sister said that when she was cutting his hair he wasn't happy and moved and then she had to fix it and cut off more then she wanted to. After Jake got out of the tub tonight I fixed the front and the sides so it looks a lot better. I am sad that my baby's curls are all gone but I do have to admit he does look cute with a big boy hair cut. I just don't think I was ready to let go of my baby's curls yet. I can't believe the girl actually charged my Sister 16 dollars. 

It will grow back! 


Michelle Leigh said...

WOW! I would have been PO'd! I never would trust anyone else to take my kid to get his hair cut though. I'm pretty anal. Good for your sister doing that though! And you should call and complain. She shouldn't be cutting kids hair if she can't handle a wiggly little guy. Don't all kids do that?

Nicole said...

Oh WOAH! I can't believe that is a "trim". NO WAY. Did you call and complain? Oooh I'd be sooo ticked. The good thing is it'll grow back... but kind of bad "surprise" for you, eh?

Robyn said...

OMG I would have freaked.

Ang said...

well, aside from the fact that he looks super adorable with his hair short like that, I'd be IRATE! At least complain about the person that cut the hair.. you don't want other mothers to have to go through this as well!

Leslie Collins said...

I would call and complain! But,it will definitely grow back. He does look a lot older.

Kristi said...

Dang, hopefully it grows out a little before we do family pics next week! The short hair makes Jake look much older, he is still adorable