Jan 23, 2009

Warning need to VENT!!

I woke up feeling happy that it's finally Friday. This has been my first full week of work since before Christmas. I was proud of myself for making it to today because usually by around 2pm everyday my back is so bad and I can barely keep my eyes open. Around 8:45 this morning my cramps came back.
By lunch they were so bad I was bent over at the counter Breuggers trying to order my sandwich. I know that I am not in labor because they are not consistent but they still are not fun to experience.
I get back to my desk and start eating when my boss walks in and says can we talk in my office. I think to myself, oh great here we go again. I really didn't want to do this today because I knew that I would start to cry and get all worked up.
He tells me that while I am gone they are probably going to hire either a temp or a full time person and that he can't say right now whether or not I am going to have a job to come back to. I of course get all upset because what sense does it make to hire a full time person to take over my job. A temp makes more sense because they can fill in for me and when I am off of leave I can return to my job and the temp can be done.
The only way this all would make sense to me is if we are so slow that they do not need me anymore and my job is not filled at all but to hire someone else that will keep my job after I am ready to come back just shows me they are trying to push me out of the company. He kept running in circles and I am not sure he knew what he was talking about.

I tell him what ever, do what you gotta do but left his office very upset. I go back to my desk and of course the water works are flowing. I've always been a crier but since I've been pregnant the tears fall very easily. The lady I work with who is sorta like my supervisor and who I've had misunderstandings with comes up to me and asks me to walk with her. She tells me that I need to calm down and not stress so much. She tells me that what he was trying to say was with how slow we are they are not sure if there will be work to be done and if that is the case then he would either try and find me another position or I would get laid off. That is not what he said or how he said it. He was saying something about keeping the full time person and putting me somewhere else.. WHAT?? You can't take an HR person who knows every one's business, pay rates, etc and stick them in a regular position.

I am so stressed and bummed out...


Kristi said...

That's pretty crappy that they're pulling a move like that, Kim. I think its against the law to lay you off because you need to take maternity leave. Big hugs to you!

Mary said...

That's just crap! WTH is wrong with your boss?!?! I'm fairly certain that it is a law that they can't do get rid of you like that. I'm pretty sure that they have to hold your job for 12 weeks or something like that. Regardless, what the heck is he doing upsetting you like this? So not cool. Oh this makes me so mad! Take care of yourself! Get lots of rest this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that is illegal for them to replace you because you are taking maternity leave. I would call the Dept. of Labor -
(651) 284-5005 just to verify what your rights are.

This is stated on the
-Minnesota Rights of a working Parent-
When you return to work
Employees are entitled to employment in their former position or one with comparable duties, number of hours and pay. You are also entitled to the same benefits and seniority you had before the leave.

That is really crappy of them!!!