Apr 8, 2010


This year Easter was tough for little Jake. After a fun filled weekend with his Auntie Shannon he was beyond tired. Anyone that knows Jake knows that he is a super easy kid but this Easter he was not in the mood for anything. We went to our family potluck but didn't stay long because Jake needed to get home and take a nap.
Next year he will be more into Easter. I hope. Here are some pictures of our 2010 Easter. We didn't get that many because Jake just didn't feel like it.
Checking out his Easter basket from Aunt Donna
Is that a smile??Sorta
Please take a picture with Mama
There you go..

I tried to get him to wear bunny ears but he just wasn't in the mood for anything


Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Awww! It's so hard when you want it to be such a special day and they aren't having any of it! I love the shots of both of you!

Kristi said...

You're looking great, Kimmy! The bunny ears are a good look on you. ha ha!

Robyn said...

Hopefully it goes better next year.