May 18, 2010


Jake had his MRI and blood work done today. He is no stranger to anesthesia because he has an eye exam under anesthesia every three months but the medicine they used for this procedure was different. I was able to hold his until he fell asleep. It was so sad and scary to hold him while to went limp. I'm not sure if I will do that again.
Everything went well however we will not have results for 3-5 days. I feel very positive though. When Jake came too he was unusually crabby. He scared me because he was screaming and wouldn't hold still. The nurse said it was because while he was trying to wake up they were drawing a lot of blood for his genetic testing and not allowing him to peacefully wake up. After about 30 minutes he returned to his happy self and we were able to leave. I was able to snap a picture before he went to under. He is such a cute little boy.


Kristi said...

Thinking positively!!! It will be a relief to have some answers

Nana Donna said...

I agree with Kristi...think positive!! As for you Jacob, you are such a trooper, when we saw you this afternoon you were your happy self! Love you Jacob!!