Dec 10, 2010

Winter Fun

I haven't blogged in a while so I thought that I would post some today. I think this is how most of my blog posts start. I'm not good at keeping up with it. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Jake is doing wonderful. He is growing soooo fast. Brent is done with chemo and radiation and we are just waiting for his surgery which is the first week in January. Hoping for a quick recovery and for our lives to get back to normal. I hope everything has a wonderful holiday and a great new year.

Here are some pictures from the past month.

My family and I decided to do a cookie swap party a couple weeks ago. Everyone baked 4-6 dozen cookies to share. We got together on a Sunday and had drinks, good food and good conversations. It was a nice day. Here are some picture from the day.

I had to get a picture with my nieces Leah Jo and Jessie and Nephew Tony

Auntie Lori cuddling with Jake, Grammy and Jake and Auntie Julie and Jake

Yummy FOOD!!

My Sister Tracy brought this dish. It was oh soooo good.

Some one the girls

Relaxing on the couch

Every year after Thanksgiving my family and I get together at my Dads to hang out and have dinner. Here are some pictures.

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More pictures to come. Happy Holidays.

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Kristi said...

Family gatherings like these are precious!
Hope to see you soon.