May 2, 2017

Jake's New School

If you've stopped by my blog in the past month or so you probably know that Jake and I made the big move to Our Happy Place. My son Jake is visually impaired and requires special services. That being said switching schools mid year is not an easy task. To say that I was more nervous than Jake is an understatement. He is such a happy go lucky kid. He is constantly making me proud with his ability to adapt and overcome obstacles. 

Although we were excited for our new chapter to start at Our Happy Place, we knew that moving meant that Jake would no longer be with his Para Ms. Karla, who he has been with for 2 years. Jake and Ms. Karla have a special bond. She knows him so well. She spent 6 hours a day with Jake and he will miss her. I will miss being able to chat with her about Jake every morning when I drop him off. She is such a kind amazing woman and was born to do this job. 

Jake and Ms. Karla
Becker school was so accommodating to Jake needs. They made sure that his locker was on the end so he could find it and his name was displayed clearly and in red. 

Jake was so excited and didn't show any fear or anxiety on his first day. He made me so proud. I know if it was me I would have been nervous.

When I picked up Jake from school I had a few minutes to discuss Jake's day with his new Para Ms. Rikke. The first thing she said to me was, 'You have an awesome kid on your hands'. She said that the class was asked to write 4 sentences about anything they wanted. After they were all done the teacher asked the class if anyone would like to share what they wrote. Sure enough Jake's hand went up first. He went up in front of the class and this is what he wrote. 
1) I like the color red
2) I have a dog named Cooper
3) I have a cat named Rosa
4) I have a new bed. 
No fear what so ever!

After school he just went to his room. No care in the world. Like this life altering move didn't affect him one bit. Maybe I am a tad dramatic. This Mama was a ball of nerves for nothing. 

Hanging out on the couch with Cooper before bed

Now that we got the first day out of the way, I can relax. Jake moving schools was more stressful on me than the move itself. 


Bethie The Boo said...

WAY TO GO JAKE!! I am so happy it went well, I know how worried you were! You have an amazing young man on your hands! So happy for you both!

Lisa Thomson said...

Yay. Way to go, Jake! Not easy to move schools and especially not easy for mom. You're obviously doing something right, Kim. He looks like a great kid. Love Cooper too. Sweet photos.

Dominique @ Ohbeehave said...

So glad to hear his first day went so well!! The school sounds lovely, and I really hope they are able to cater to all his needs. How awesome that he has the confidence to speak up in front of the class on his first day! I think even most adults would struggle with nerves on that one ;)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh gosh, I would have terrified if this was me but it sounds like you have a great kid. I'm glad that Jake had a nice first day and everything went well.


The Flynnigans said...

This is SO great to hear!! He looks like the happiest/proudest kid on the block. :)

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Jake is such an amazing kid!!! So happy and adaptable. I hope he grows to love his new para just as much! I'll have to come see the new place some weekend!