Mar 28, 2009


Hello everything long time no blog.. It's been a crazy time in our household. Jacob was a calm sleeping baby for about 4 weeks and now he is not so much. He is almost 6 weeks and he is so cute but he is sooooo fussy all the time. We can't figure out if he has a belly ache all the time or what. He wakes up at least 3-4 times a night. He just doesn't want to sleep. He fights it so much. Even after all his fussing he is such a miracle to us. We love him so much.


Robyn said...

They go in cycles with sleep. Have you tried swaddling or a swing?

Aunt Donna said...

Jacob always will be a perfect miracle in my eyes. I love him so much...and you both too!!! BTW I like the posts with pictures of him better. Can wait to see him again!!
Aunt Donna