Dec 18, 2009

10 months

Jake turned 10 months the other day. I wonder where the time is going. It feels like yesterday I wasn't posting his 3 month update. Everyday he does sometime new. It's so much fun. He is officially sitting. He still falls over sometimes but for the most part he is a sitting boy. He is sleeping through the night and eating like a little piggy. He is about 19 pounds and 27 inches long. BIG BOY!!! I thought I would share some pictures and a video.

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Mary said...

Sooooo cute! Isn't it so fun to witness the milestones? I was so happy I was home this week to catch a few of my guys. If he wasn't sick he would have been at daycare. Not glad he's been sick but glad I got to be the witness :) My guys has 5 lbs on yours.......I guess I really do have a moose on my hands! Enjoy your first Christmas with him!