Dec 1, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

I'm copying my BFF Kristi's idea today and making a top ten Christmas list.

1. A new camera (I think this is on everyone's list this year)
2. A new pair of Silver jeans
3. A new pair of tennis shoes
4. New make-up from ULTA
5. LA Candy and Sweet Little lies(books)
6. Grey's Anatomy box set
7. Pedicure
8. A new crock pot with multiple settings(mine cooks too hot
9. Photoshop or some type of photo editing system
10. An ipod or a new radio for the gym

I know my list is simple. I don't want much. I would be happy with just watching my son on his first Christmas and having good quality time with my friends and family.

1 comment:

Kristi said...

Nice list! I forgot to add iPod to my list