Apr 27, 2016

New Chapter!!

It's been over a month since I posted which isn't too bad of a stretch compared to what it's been in the past. The reason for my absence this time was I was moving Jake and me into a new apartment.

As I read through this blog (est. 2008) I find it fascinating how much has changed in the past 8 years and how much I've changed. I love that I was able to document my entire pregnancy and most of Jake's 7 years of life. My biggest reason for coming back to my blog was to keep going with our story and for both Jake and me to have this to look back on. 

I have always found writing on this blog a form or therapy and I love the connections that I have made with fellow bloggers. Some of my favorite bloggers from way back when are no longer blogging which makes me sad but I also love that there are quite a few that are still blogging that I can reconnect with. 

As I get back into this I find myself a little lost in this new blogging world and my words are not quite as articulate and don't flow as easily as they used to. I guess none of that really matters right now and maybe after a little time I will become more interesting. We'll see!


mypixieblog said...

I love to see how blogging changes over the years, but I especially love to have a record of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions at different stages in life. It sounds as though you've been blogging through some pretty epic, amazing, and even heartbreaking stages... and while I know it's not always easy, it's great to look back and see how much progress you've made <3

Sending you much love and sunshine and congrats on your new adventure/new digs!!

Mrs.AOK said...

Congrats to you for moving on up :)
This is going be such a wonder-filled stage for you and your little man. I'm happy for the two of you. Writing about life for the two of you is beautiful, I love that you have this documentary.

Blogging has changed quite a bit, I hate that I worry about SEO now... BOO! However, I am happy I have something to reflect on. It's fun to go back in time through my posts. Although, lately I've been in a grade A funk :( WOMP WOMP.
All the best to you!!