Mar 21, 2016

Weekend Recap

This past week was very stressful for us. Work was crazy and I received a notice that my landlady decided to sell our town home so Jake and I have a little over 30 days to find a new place and move. Instead of allowing this all to bring me down I decided to just go with it and take on this new challenge as a positive thing. Finding a new place that is perfect for Jake and me is exciting. 

With all the craziness going on I decided to make this past weekend all about spending time with Jake. I did have to work Saturday morning for a couple hours but Jake thought it was super cool to come with me.

Sunday I brought Jake to see Zootopia  He loved it! I recommend it to anyone that has kids and want to bring them to a movie that you will like too.
After the movie we went to Eagle's Nest Inside Playground which is Jake's absolute FAVORITE place!! It was packed with kids but Jake loved it!! We wrapped out day up with a late lunch at one or our favorite places. Moe's .
Jake was in bed and sleeping by 7:30 and Mom was out by 9:30. Great weekend with my boy!!

How was your weekend??

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