Feb 24, 2016

Weekend Recap!

This past Saturday Jake had his first all kid birthday party. He was so excited to invite some of his classmates to his favorite place The Eagles Nest Indoor Playground. 7 kids attending Jake's party and I have to say THANK GOD for my Sister and Mom. I think I was in way over my head trying to keep track of them all in a sea of kids. They all had a great time. 

Jake thought it was so cool that all his friends wore glasses just like him

After Jake's party we headed over to my friends house to babysit Wylie(the coolest 2 year old) and have a sleep over. Jake and Wylie love hanging out with each other and I LOVE spending time with them. 

Sunday Jake and I cleaned the house and worked on redecorating the bathroom. Spring is coming and I'm ready to purge all the unwanted stuff in my house and do some spring cleaning. Bring on the warm weather. 


mypixieblog said...

These pictures are too friggin cute :) Love the kids in their glasses! OMG, I'd have a heart attack keeping trck of so many kids, too! Looks like they all had a wonderful time though :)

Mrs.AOK said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm with you on the purging!! I've been working room by room for the past couple weeks, but this weekend... nada.
The weekend was all about fun.
Wishing you a beautiful week, lovely!