Feb 5, 2016

Happy Friday Week 1!!

1. Getting back to the blogging world
2. Being able to work from home on snowy days
3. Sore muscles from working out
4. MAC makeup
5. Breakfast for dinner
6. Jake finally feeling better
7. Losing 1.5 lbs
8. New discoveries on Netflix
9. Sleep
10. My friend

Now it’s your turn! What made YOU happy this week?


mypixieblog said...

OMG, 15 pounds--that's incredible. Go YOU!!! Hope you have an awesome weekend... I love breakfast for dinner. And welcome back to the blogging world. Every now and then we need a break, right? XOXO

The Flynnigans said...

Hey girl, welcome back to the big wide web of blogging. :)
Happy to have you this week, you're welcome to link up as much or little as you'd like.

Sore muscles are such a great reminder tha were doing a good job and were alive. Good job on the weight loss and workouts, that's awesome girl!

Have a great weekend hun! xo

Krysten Quiles said...

SO happy to see you back! And yay for losing weight! I'm only weighing myself on the first of the month so I'm wishing March 1st would come fast!

Mrs.AOK said...

Welcome back to blogging, how long has it been? Sometimes we need those breaks to refocus. :)
Congrats on losing 15 pounds!! :)
Wishing you a fun and healthy week!