Feb 11, 2016

Jake and Wylie

A few months back I reconnected with an old friend and we decided to get our kids together for a play date. Because her son is 2 and Jake is 6 I didn't think they would connect as much as they did. Jake and Wylie are kindred spirits and they have become best buds. It's really fun to watch them together and to watch Wylie mimic Jake. Since the boys love playing together, my friend and I have been getting together at least once a week for play dates. Everyday when I pick Jake up from school he asks me, "do we have a play date with Wylie Finch tonight"?.


Jake acts like Wylie's big brother

Making Pizza's


Jake pretty much lets Wylie do anything to him. 

It's going to be fun to watch this two grow up together. 

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Michelle said...

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