Feb 9, 2016


I recently set a goal to get back into blogging. Over the years since Jake was born I've  made this goal several times and never stuck with it. So why is this time different? I can't say that it is? All I can say is blogging was something that I used to love doing and over the years I have lost track of a lot of the things I love doing. That being said I thought I would start off my week with a CURRENTLY post that I borrowed from veteran blogger Krysten. Check out her blog at why-girls-are-weird

Reading: I just started reading What Doesn't Kill Her by Carla Norton. This the second book in The Edge of Normal series. I loved The Edge of Normal so I hope this one is just as good. Stay tuned. I've also been trying to finish 11/22/63 for a long time. I really want to finish is but I am sad to say that I might just wait until the series starts on Hulu on 2/15/16 to see how it ends. 

Eating: I am working really hard to eat clean. It's nuts how many chemicals are in the food we eat. It's been hard for me but I'm trying. 

Thinking about: Lately I feel like I may have developed a little OCD. All I can think about it how unorganized my house is. I am thinking about purging a lot of things in my house and working on becoming a minimalist.

Looking forward to: Warmer weather! I'm sure I'm not alone in that one. I miss evening walks with Jake and running outside. 

Enjoying: Spending time with old acquaintances that have become new friends and a huge part of my life. I am also enjoying watching Jake's personality emerge and how amazingly creative and funny he is. 

Learning:  I'm learning that I need to take care of myself and get back to what makes me happy. I'm slowly learning that there are people in my life that will always judge me and think my choices aren't exactly what they would choose but that's ok. I can't please everyone nor do I want to. I would love a family without judgement but we aren't perfect and that's also ok. 

Loving: I found a group that combines my two loves Minnesota and photography. Check out Minnstameets if your in MN. 


Mrs.AOK said...

Not OCD...I think it's this time of year, we're in our houses and we see it all, and we're just done. This morning I went into purging mode, I'm taking a break right, but I plan on getting right back to work in 15 minutes. I love the idea of minimalism, but I love stuff. :D I promise I'm not a hoarder.

In the past my blog collected dust, I took breaks, hiatuses, and rebranded (which I would've never used that word for my blog, but it's a blogger word I have picked up :D ). I have had blog name changes! I totally understand coming back to blogging. It's our spot, our home, our place to store the thoughts that overflow. AND COMMUNITY! As a mother, that's important, we need to do the things that make us happy and free up the space in our heads. :)

Welcome back!!

Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings... said...

I agree with Mrs. AOK above, for I do think that being stuck in the house during colder weather makes us notice our stuff/junk more. Every February, I go through a huge purge in which I take an honest look at what I am filling my house with. My house is by no means minimal, but I am striving. I just keep thinking "Progress, not perfection." Good luck!