Jan 24, 2017

Tuesday Topics-Favorite Characters

I saw this awesome link up on Ericka's blog and after commenting how I would have liked to join I was invited to link up by host Jenn.

Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with TV, Film and pop culture. Entertainment being my most won trophy on Trivia Crack(yes I still play). While brainstorming my favorite characters I came up with WAY more than 8. I am focusing on film and television in my post. I think my favorite characters from the books I love, deserves its own post all together.

I am a DIE hard fan of The Walking Dead this show has by far dug it's nails into me and hasn't let go for the entire time it has aired. Most people think it's all blood and guts but it is way more than that. There is so much hidden symbolism in this show that I find myself watching it over and over and picking up new things I miss the first time. I do not think that there is a character I do not like. They all have interesting back stories that keep me hooked. Because I can't pick just one character from this show I am picking my favorite episode with two of my top favorite characters. Season 4, Episode 12: “Still”  Norman Reddus plays Daryl Dixon and Emily Kinney plays Beth 

I was so obsessed with Sex and the City that I wore my box set out. I would play it from the beginning to the end over and over. Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker was my favorite character. I wouldn't call myself a "Carrie" but I still loved her Character the most out of all the girls.

 Rayanne from My So Called Life Yes, I know this show only lasted one season and hasn't been on in over 20 years. It is still my favorite. Rayanne was weird, quirky and made me laugh. I think I related to her the most.

When Mindy Kaling played Kelly on the Office I couldn't stand her. I thought that it was just Mindy that I didn't like but after giving The Mindy Project a try I was hooked. I love her  odd sense of humor.

 Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart in Hart of Dixie . I have a strange obsession with small town teeny bopper dramaties. Shows like One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek and Friday Night Lights.

How can you NOT love Melissa McCarthy? To pick on character is tough but  Detective Shannon Mullons is by far my ALL TIME FAVORITE

Yes this show is still on. 13 seasons and I am still a die hard Grey's Anatomy fan. I have religiously watched this show every week since it started in 2005. My favorite character is Dr. Alex Karev played by Justin Chambers. I think he is my favorite because he was once my most hated character and has evolved into my most favorite.

Emma Stone as Allison Vandermeersh in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Although her part is very small. She is hilarious!! 

There it is. My list of characters, whittled down to 8. Thanks for stopping by.


jenn said...

woohoo! thanks for linking up! i'm so glad you did. :] this is an interesting list, lady.

i loved emma stone in ghost of girlfriends past. and i like carrie, but my favorite from satc is charlotte. i was happier that she found happiness with harry than i was when carrie and big got together.

you've seen reddus in boondock saints, right?

Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings... said...

Great list! So glad you linked up, too! Emma Stone's character is hilarious! I had completely forgotten that was her!

PS Thanks for the shout out!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Karev has always been my favorite character in Grey's! Thanks for linking up!