Jan 26, 2017

Minnesota NAPVI- Cookies with Santa

When my son was born, almost 8 years ago with a rare eye disease that caused him to be legally blind, I wasn't sure what his future was going to look like for him. I was lost and unsure where to turn. Jake's eye surgeon introduced us fellow  mom Casey who also had a child the same age with the same rare eye disease. Through Casey, I was introduced to MN NAPVI (Minnesota National Association of Parents with Visually Impaired Children). 
This organization brings our kids together in an environment where they not only get to play with kids just like them but they also get to do activities that are blind and visually impaired friendly.  
Each year one of the main events is Cookies with Santa.
Not only do the kids get to meet Sparkles the Elf but they also get to meet Santa and go on reindeer rides. 

Jake and Santa

Jake and Sparkles

Jake and Emily have been friends since they were babies

Smaller Group than usual but the kids all had a blast
Jake and Em taking a ride

I just have to share a side by side of Jake and Em at a past Cookies with Santa. Top one was when they were toddlers and the bottom one was from last year. 
Friends Forever!!

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The Flynnigans said...

They're both such adorable little kids. :) I especially love the younger pictures of the two of them together.