Feb 10, 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week!!

The past couple weeks have been pretty crazy. I thought since I didn't share my 10 favorites last Friday I would do my 10 favorites from the past 2 weeks.

1. Family game night with my two favorite guys. J drove an hour to meet Jake and me at his school for Jake's school event which lasted only an hour. That was after working a really long day. We love him.

2. Watching Jake with his cat Rosa is pretty awesome!! They are best friends. It helps that she is the sweetest kitty. 

3. I think that I have mastered the art of making J breakfast. He's spoiled! But so am I!!

4. Relaxing at my happy place with my favorite humans and animals.

5. Sunday morning baking with my favorite 7 year old. 

6. I still love to watch him sleep. Especially when I find him in the hat he begged me to wear to school and I said no. 

7. Car rides aren't always fun but these two make me happy and make it better. 

8. These two!!

9. Crafts at our happy place

10. I decided it was time to get back in shape. I am determined to lose the weight I gained in the past 3 years. This week was a good week. I am very happy and motivated. 

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The Flynnigans said...

Hey girl,
I hope you had an awesome weekend with Jake and the fam jam. I love your commitment, love and devotion to him, it's endearing and beautiful to see the love you have for him. I especially love the pictures with Rosa or your dog. :)

Have a great week my dear and all the best to you. Xo

Kristi said...

So many good, happy things for you right now. This makes my heart happy!! I need to meet J soon. Love you!

jenn said...

those are great happies to share. i'm glad you've got those guys in your life. :]