Jul 19, 2017

Currently-July 2017

Current mood: Leaps and bounds from where I was last month. I thought I was having a mental break. I'm feeling back to "normal"

Current procrastination: Unpacking. No lie. I moved in with Mr. J May 1st and I still haven't unpacked everything. I moved all my boxes to the garage and there they've sat for 2.5 months. It's a huge project that I have no energy for. Out of sight out of mind. Maybe I should move them all into my dining room. That might give me motivation.

Current need: A hair cut. Don't judge. I haven't cut my hair in over a year. It's about 2 inches above my waist. It's way to long. Going to get a hair cut is like going to the dentist for me. I hate it!  

Current craving: CHINESE FOOD! I started a new way of eating a few months back and have lost 16 pounds but I miss Chinese food. 

Current obsession: Trying to find Chinese food restaurant that cooks without sugar and carb loaded ingredients.

Current drink: Truly spiked and sparkling. I love it!! only 1 carb. 

Current food: Mr. J says that all I eat is lettuce but that's not true. I would say that my current go to is taco salad. 

Currently looking forward to: Our annual family camping trip at the end of the month. 
Currently watching: I am obsessed with all TV but currently my favorite show is Big Brother. It's one of the best season yet and I've been watching it for 19 seasons.
Currently Listening to: The twin cites has a new radio station that plays only modern alternative. I love it. Check it out online 96.3 
Currently Loving: Sugar free Jello. I know. Strange. It satisfies my sweet tooth. 

So there you have it! What is on your currently list this month??


Bethie The Boo said...

I love 96.3! It's definitely one of my go to stations! I used to watch Big Brother back in the day, it's been so long! And no shame in sugar free Jello. I had GD when I was pregnant with Ollie and I discovered sugar free Jello pudding isn't bad either, especially the butterscotch flavor.

Charlotte Klein said...

I hate getting my hair cut too. It always seems like a stupid waste of time for me... but having a new 'do always feels great. Ugh.

Mmm... we have a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in our area. I'm not sure their food is super healthy, BUT it's ridiculously satisfying. Oh! And tacos. All day. I love a good taco.

So much fun reading these, Kim! XOXO

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I have to get my haircut SEMI regularly - though I'm not the best at it - because my hair is so thick. I mainly go to thin out my hair.

And I would totally procrastinate on unpacking too. It's like coming home from a trip and having to put everything away. I hate it. LOL


Divya Mathur said...

16 pounds?! Go you!! Whatever you're doing seems to be working for you!

I am with you on the taco salad. I could eat those every day!

Anthea said...

16 pounds - well done! Taco salad sounds delicious :)
Unpacking is not fun - lol at out of sight, out of mind!

lil desiqua said...

I'm with you on haircuts, except not because I don't like getting it done. I usually grow it out so it's long enough to donate and then go short for spring/summer. Ugh packing/unpacking is the worst part about moving. I'm pretty sure I have 1-2 boxes in my basement that I never unpacked since I moved in,... uh 3 years ago?! Haha! Good luck getting it done!

Shybiker said...

Glad your mood is improving. A family camping trip will help. Enjoy Summer!

The Flynnigans said...

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better this month and feeling more like yourself. You had me a tad worried girl.
I was just thinking about a hair trim yesterday but I haven't been as long as you.
I can totally understand you not having much energy at the end of your days and weekends to unpack. Plus, you're busy living your life too. There's simply not enough time in the day, eh?