Jul 21, 2017

What's Up, Weekend? July 21st, 2017

Good Morning and Happy Friday!! This week flew by. I am linking up with two of favorite peeps from Peaceful Posse, Lindsay and Charlotte. What made me happy this week? Lots of stuff. Here is my list.

Beautiful Summer nights on the farm. I never thought that this city girl would ever love country living but nights like this a why I love it!

This picture popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday and it made me smile. Maybe also a tad sad because he's not this little anymore but still made me happy.

My sweet Cooper! She makes me very happy with her sweet self. She is jumped in the truck the other night and just hung out. She is so funny.

 Jake made HERO OF THE WEEK!!

These two. Of course they make my list often but this picture says it all.

Simple lunches. Since going low carb/no sugar I actually prefer meals like this vs. a burger and fries. 

 Every morning as I pull out of the driveway I look over and this is what I see. Today I actually stopped and captured it. Beautiful!

What made you happy this week??


Bethie The Boo said...

Loving those country scenes! Makes me almost want to just move away from it all! That old picture of Jake is precious! And I love your dog. I also see nothing wrong with cheese and meat for lunch. Those are two of my favorite things. Have a great weekend!!
The Beth Next Door

Charlotte Klein said...

Your pictures are so beautiful <3 I love the one of your two boys... and that sunrise--what a gorgeous view! Also hi Cooper! So cute, how she's just hanging out :) My dog LOVES car rides. He actually gets upset if we walk by the car and don't allow him in, what a goober!

Awww baby Jake <3 <3 <3 SO cute!

Okay, Housewives. Yes. I seriously can't believe that Ramona/Sonja act like little kids and claim the rooms each time they go away. It's so obnoxious! And I'm glad that Bethenney put her foot down and put a kibbosh on the shenanigans. Tinsley is annoying, but I think she's a nice person. Maybe too nice for these crazies ha!

Have a great weekend!!

Divya Mathur said...

That lunch looks like an Adult lunchables! I LOVE IT! I could eat that every day for lunch and dinner. (But, with dinner, I'd add wine!)

Kimberly said...

Oh that picture of those two hugging - absolutely precious. And the curls he once had. My son used to have the most wild curls in the back. Then we cut them off for his first cut. I often wonder if he would have curly hair if he grew his hair out.
And cooper...what in the world?! I don't think my dog would ever freely get in the car like that!
You take amazing pictures of the landscape. Simply breathtaking!
I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Sheryl at How to Make a Life said...

You have such a beautiful view. I've started having simple lunches like yours also and love them!! Hope it's a great weekend.

Nostalgia Diaries said...

Too many people keep moving here, and I dream of having country like that! I swear the light is different in places like where you live. And that's my kind of lunch. I need to eat pickles for lunch more often! :)

Shann Eva said...

Congrats Jake! That's awesome! Love those pics of him too. Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous view. Have an wonderful weekend!

Lecy Croson said...

You've got some beautiful sunrises and sunsets out there! Your pup looks like she's ready to go for a ride. And that is the sweetest picture of your little man. I love when Facebook reminds me of old memories like that. :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Those photos are just gorgeous! I tend to see more sunsets than sunrises, but they are both beautiful.

Congrats to Jake on his award! That's so exciting.


The Flynnigans said...

K I dunno if it's me or the hormones, but really, Charlotte and I are two of your favorite people? That made me tear up, girl. That's so sweet of you to say. You know that I think the world of you, too, eh?

That's such an adorable picture of Jake. He seems like he's doing really, really well in his new school and adjusting just fine. See?! I told you that he'd more than likely be okay, you were just a worrisome Momma, which is totally understandable given that you've gone through so many changes in the last six months.

And your sweet Coop. I guess she just wanted to be close by and the car looked comfy, so why not? LOL.

I just ADORE that picture of Jake and your man. It's so tender and heartfelt. You can't fake that stuff, you know? You are very blessed my dear.

Love ya girl! xox