Jun 18, 2008

Happy Hump Day!!

Thank you to my BFF Kristi for introducing me on her page. I received many comments from fellow bloggers from that. Thanks Kristi and thank you to everyone for a warm welcome.

Only two days left until the weekend. Brent and I are heading up to the cabin this weekend for the first time this season. I am very excited to hang out with my new nephew Anthony. What a doll!!

Tonight Brent and I get internet at home FINALLY!! Welcome to 2008, right!! I recently moved in with my boyfriend Brent and he is not what you would call computer savvy. As a matter of fact he thinks the internet is called the interlink. It used to be cute and now I am like HONEY IT'S CALLED THE INTERNET. Needless to say I will need to spend some time showing him how to use our new lap top.
I hope you all have a great Wednesday!


Kristi said...

The Interlink?! That is funny shit!
Have fun at the cabin....I am going up orth this weekend too...can't wait!

Jessica said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Any friend of Kristi's is a friend of mine--she's awesome. I really should meet her sometime in real life. ;) Anyway, welcome to blog land--I've added you to my list o' blogs.

Jessica said...

To put links on your blog, just highlight what you want to link and then there is a little box on the top of your box that says "hyperlink." Click on that and you can enter the email address of the site you want to link. Good luck! :)

Dana Leigh said...

Hi Kim,

It's Dana Sterner. I think you know who I am? :) Anyways, I saw on Kristi's site that you started a blog so I thought I would come say hello to you. I have thought about blogging for about as long as you have but I don't know if my life is that interesting to talk about. :) Who knows, maybe I'll have a blog someday too. Hope all is well with you and good luck. I'll come and visit your site as often as I can.