Jun 23, 2008

Happy Monday

So, I decided to get my hair done for the wedding we were going to Saturday night. I walked into the salon that my friend Leah works at and she had dyed her hair a dark black with a purple tint. I barely recognized her. It was absolutely gorgeous. So, I said I want that. Mind you I was going in there to get a much needed hair cut and to get my hair styled for the wedding not to get a dramatic color job. So now my hair is BLACK. I do really love it but it’s very dramatic. I will take a picture and post it this week. You can tell me what you think.
We went to my friend Brandy’s wedding reception on Saturday night. It was fun and the food was awesome. She planned this entire wedding on 7000.00 is what I think I heard. She made it took like it cost 20,000. Just goes to show you that you can have a dream wedding on a budget.
Sunday I woke up feeling Saturday. UGH! We had to go to my old place and get the last of my stuff out. I actually still have a dresser and a chair there that I was not in the mood to get. Sunday afternoon I started reading Pillars of the Earth and I didn’t put it down until 10:00 pm. I can’t wait to get home to continue reading it. I love books like that.
This post is long winded so I will leave you all with a HAPPY MONDAY!!

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Kristi said...

I've got to see the hair!!! And I need to see Leah in the worst way....