Jun 20, 2008


Happy Friday everyone!! What a week. So, last night Brent and I went to Applebee’s because they have a weight watchers menu that is pretty good. I decided to try the steak. Well much to my surprise the steak came out and was the size of a saltine cracker. Apparently this is what a “normal” portion size is supposed to be. Crap!! That explains a lot!! Oh well it was still very tasty and I did find myself very full after eating my two bites of steak, 3 small chunks of potato and a crap loud of broccoli(thats where they fill you up).
So it turns out that we have a wedding to go to on Saturday so I will not be able to make it up to my cabin. This is the 3rd time we planned on going and something’s come up. Brent promised me that we are going next weekend and over the 4th. YAY!! I need to start my summer reading and the cabin is a great place to start.
Have a great weekend everyone J

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Helmey said...

I say blow off the wedding and go 2 weeks in a row...heheh