Apr 23, 2009


Hold the phone....Kim is posting a TFT.. HOLY...

It has been a long long long time since I've posted a THOUGHTS FOR THURSDAY so I decided I would try to get back in the habit of doing this weekly if not bi-weekly. My TFT it pets.

I have to say that my dog Gizmo was my life prior to my son. He is a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog and he is 3.5 years old. Before I had Jacob I was what you would call obsessed with my dog. He could do NO wrong. I loved cuddling with him and would miss him when I was gone. Even while I was in the hospital recovering from having Jacob all I wanted was to cuddle Gizmo because I knew he would make me feel better.

When I got home from the hospital everything changed. I was no longer obsessed with my dog. In fact I sorta couldn't stand him. A while back I read a post from a fellow blogger Mom about her dog. She was at the end of her rope and thinking of getting rid of her dog. I was shocked that her feelings for her dog had changed since she became a Mom and that she would even think about getting rid of a family member. I am not saying I want to get rid of Giz but I understand now.

Since Jacob has come home from the hospital Gizmo is now the most annoying dog in the world. I will tell you why....

1. He barks at everything that walks by and wakes up Jake (who I spent hours getting down)

2. He is always under my feet causing me to trip daily

3. He eats the bathroom garbage if we don't shut the door before we leave

4. If I leave something out like the baby bag he will have the contents spread out all over by the time I come home

5. When I open the door he bolts for the street almost becoming road kill on one occasion

6. He licks the baby

7. He will not lay down instead he just stares at me.. It's creepy...

So my TFT is did your feelings for your pets change once you had kids or for those of you without kids share a story of your annoying pet.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, YES, YES, YES! I inherited Bear through marriage, and ultimately became his 'Mom' . . . I fed him, walked him, bathed him, etc., and he listened to me much better than he listened to my husband. Once Cooper was born, all of that changed . . . I love him dearly, but having him is just like having another child! And he is not a barker, not a trash eater, and doesn't even come upstairs - he just hangs out and does his own thing! He is 10 years old, and while I know the kids adore having a dog, I am not so sure I will be in a hurry to get another when he passes.

Robyn said...

Yep, my dog was my baby and at least yours licks the baby, mine would growl at her and only in the last 6 mo or so has started to warm up to the girl. I just feel guilty that I don't have as much time for him as I used to and that no one else in this house even cares if he fed or has water and they wanted the dog.

Michelle Leigh said...

Sargie was my baby before I had kids. He came everywhere with us, the lake, the pet store, my mom's, xmas, etc. Then we got Tucker and had Annika and it all changed. Poor Sarge. I still tolerate Sarge quite a bit, but the dumb dog barks all the freakin' time! Tucker is my arch nemesis and was created to piss me off I think! I could do a whole post about the animals and I've actually considered it but I don't want to waste my time rehashing why they bug me. There are so many ways and the number 1 reason being right now is they brought in ticks and somehow 2 landed on me this week! Ewww. Oh, and second being spending $215 on a damn broken toe this week! WTF. I wouldn't spend that on my own broken toe!

Anonymous said...

Princess Beanie...was my first girl prior to kids..she's been pretty tolerant with both...although she has nipped at the older one when he tried(s) to sit on her and growls when he's pushing her too much... when we brought home #2... she started peeing in the house when we were gone at work... she had to be kenneled during the day..have tried to give her to people I know would give her the attention she deserves but guilt stands in my way ... that and the fact that nobody wants to take her..and I do love her... but her need for attention is so great... even now...as soon as I sit down and one of the kids aren't on my lap she's there.... most days are ok...and I really do like not having to vacuum after dinner, and you will too!!! :)