Jun 1, 2009

Jessie's Dance Recital

Saturday night Brent watched the baby and I went to my niece Jessie's dance recital. Jess dances at 4th street dance where I danced growing up. This year they celebrated their 25th year anniversary. I danced there when I was 6 through age 13 so boy did I feel old. The same woman owns the studio and a girl I went to elementary school, middle school and high school with is her teacher. Small world. The recital was in my old middle school. It was like taking a trip down memory lane..

Tracy getting Jess ready

They had 25 years of shirts lined up.. Of course the first 7 were the ones from when I danced.. I actually remember them.
Jess in her costume. You know that this costume was 70 dollars. Can you believe it. There was a girl that I saw in at least 7 dances and she was in a different costume each time. I can't imagine what her parents have to pay for her costumes.

Jess after her recital

Jess and Tracy


Kristi said...

Jessie looks so cute!

Michelle Leigh said...

How fun! I danced at 4th street too! Is Julie her teacher? I wanted to go to the reunion, but I had a wedding that night. I think I'm putting the girls in dance there this fall. Steph Wickland is a friend of mine and she also teaches there. Small world!